Tempe Spine Clinic Hosts Free Seminar To Inform People About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

The Spine Center will host the "Stop Living in Pain" seminar at their Tempe clinic from 11am to 12pm on Saturday April 14, 2012.

The Spine Center has today announced their hosting of a new "Stop Living in Pain" seminar scheduled for Saturday, April 14th.

Its aim is to help back pain sufferers become more aware of how minimally-invasive back surgical procedures can correct a wide range of their back problems and help them quickly return to their usual lifestyle.

This seminar will look to give participants access to a fellowship trained spine surgeon who is trained in many of the latest and newest advancements in minimally invasive spinal surgery.

The "Stop Living in Pain" seminar is open to anyone and the hosts are looking to make the session informative and interactive as much as possible. It will mean everyone can be involved and look to come away feeling satisfied and fully informed about different causes of back pains and their minimally invasive surgical options. Given that most people are unaware of the latest advancements in minimally invasive spinal surgery, this free seminar aims to ease concerns, dispel myths & alleviate their fears regarding spinal surgery.

The one-hour seminar will take place at The Spine Center in Tempe, AZ between 11am -12pm.

Some of the questions that may be addressed in the seminar can include:
How has back or neck pain affected your life?
Has back or neck pain forced you to quit your favorite hobbies?
Do you find it difficult to carry out basic tasks without discomfort of back or neck pain?
Or does back or neck pain just generally take the fun and excitement out of your life?

The seminar will be conducted by Dr. Saqib Siddiqui, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, The Spine Center. Dr Siddiqui completed his medical degree at the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. After a residency at St. Vincent's Medical Center and Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in New York City, Dr Siddiqui focused on spine care by completing a prestigious fellowship in spinal surgery at the Texas Back Institute in Plano, Texas.

Dr Siddiqui has published articles in numerous orthopedic and spine peer reviewed journals and a textbook chapter on lumbar spinal arthroplasty. He has presented his research at national and international spine and orthopedic meetings and received awards for his research. Following his fellowship, Dr. Siddiqui completed additional specialized training in various minimally invasive spinal surgical procedures and strives to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies. This allows Dr. Siddiqui to help a wide range of patients get BACK to Life quickly.

If someone would like to learn and understand The Latest and Newest Advancements in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery including Outpatient Cervical or Lumbar Spinal Fusions he/she can register now for the free seminar "Stop Living in Pain" through the official website http://www.spinecenter.net/ or call 480-491-5505 for more information.


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