Tellows Goes International - The Most Professional Website For Telefon Number Search (for users in Hong Kong) provides a platform for the sufferers of regular spam and scam calls and enables them to share their knowledge on annoying phone numbers in form of comments.

Tellows Goes International - The most professional website for telefon number search

Countless individuals are constantly being called by unknown numbers on their home phones, cell phones or smartphones. Most calls are not more than annoying advert calls. It happens with even greater frequency that the callers intend to rip people off by playing all kinds of tricks on them, which might be extremely expensive for the affected person.

Since this summer, the online consumer portal Tellows (, which was established originally in Germany, has been warning and helping consumers protect themselves from phone fraud and scam. Anyone who would like to find out more information about a certain number could search it on this page, where they will find entries and comments by other users. For each number, there is a score informing how the number was rated by other users. Furthermore, there is a blog with additional information on the most recent cases of phone scam and fraud, giving advices how to protect oneself from it.

The number of this type of calls aiming at peopleĀ“s pockets has increased not only throughout the Hong Kong, but also in the whole world. Therefore the consumer information portal came up in more and more countries around the globe. Tellows is at the moment available for 18 countries in their respective languages, of course, and more are to follow. Besides the site exclusively for Hong Kong (, Tellows also bulit up the Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland versions, as well as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. The internationalization aims at providing help against telephone fraud in as many countries as possible.

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