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Teknowledge Software Gears Up For Annual App Competitions

Like the last three years, Teknowledge Mobile Studio has started preparing early for the annual Indian app-competitions this year. The company has plans to file nominations for nearly all its new apps, along with a few older, well-performing ones.

It's that time of the year again. A large number of Indian software companies and mobile app review websites have already announced the deadline of putting in nominations for the app-contests they would be hosting this year. Teknowledge software, an iPhone application development company with a pretty decent track record in such annual app-contests, is hoping to win accolades for several of its new apps this time around too.

When contacted, the CEO of Teknowledge mobile apps company explained that, along with apps developed in the last couple of months, existing popular applications would also be entered into the fray. For instance, Story Time For Kids - a well-reviewed mobile app for kids - would be an entry in practically all of these online contests. Incidentally, Story Time already has a couple of prestigious app-awards in its kitty, and Teknowledge would do well to find another application that can match its heady success levels.

To come out on top in the various app competitions, executives at Teknowledge Mobile Studio are leaving no stone unturned. From its in-house pool of mobile app developers, a special team has been formed - to keep track of all the contests that would be announced between April to June this year. The information would then be passed on to the backend officials of the company, where the necessary arrangements for participation would be made.

Thanks to their experience of participating in quite a few app contests hosted by leading software firms over the last three years, the experts at Teknowledge have a fair idea of what it takes to succeed at these competitions. A company representative opined that, adopting a promotional pitch - or planning for a glitzy press conference - is not likely to make much of a mark in these events. Instead, it is vital to follow the contest guidelines very carefully, fill up the online entry forms, and submit them well before the scheduled deadline. Hyping up Android or iPhone apps to an unrealistic extent is a bad idea too - for these applications are almost always checked on devices, before ratings are awarded to them.

Interestingly, for most of the app contests, details about the mobile applications are not the only information that are seeked. Instead, the focus is more on gathering holistic data about the mobile app development companies in general, and all aspects of the competing apps in particular. Citing an instance, a senior personnel from Teknowledge stated that they had to provide details on the societal benefits, deliverables, regional coverage, and even the funding information of an app in a contest-entry form. To be fair, there are fraud companies and blacklisted apps aplenty - and it makes sense for the competition organizers to be very particular about the entries they approve.

Along with the online contest forms, Teknowledge also plans to provide custom Powerpoint presentations for each of the mobile apps that would be fighting it out with rival companies' products. Links to online posts, user-reviews, and feedback left at Google Play Store and iTunes would be provided in the same form as well. Since the mobile application development agency almost always comes up with excellent-quality apps, finding such favorable mentions on the World Wide Web isn't likely to be much of a problem.

Among the new apps developed by Teks, Story Monster, Blood Bank, AllTimer+ and Speedy Snap are the ones that are expected to do well in the app competitions. Before the international app-contest season starts (in August) - it would be interesting to see how many Indian awards the apps of Teknowledge manage to bag this year.

In-depth information on all the mobile apps developed by Teknowledge Software is available at http://www.teks.co.in/. Representatives of the reputed mobile app company can be contacted via email, at info@teks.co.in, or by phone ((033)40649087). The word-of-mouth publicity of the company's apps are generally positive - let's wait and watch whether that translates into a few awards too!

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