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Teknowledge Extends Its Social Media Campaigns To Behance

Teknowledge Mobile Studio recently laid down a marker for all its professional rivals, by adding Adobe Behance to its overall social media marketing portfolio. The best works of the company would be presented on the channel, and the company is lookin

In a bid to stay ahead of its competitors, Teknowledge Software is all set to expand its online social media promotions on a large-scale. Last week, the company opened a corporate account on Behance, the Scott Belsky and Matias Corea-founded social platform that is considerably popular among professional artists. Profiles on Pinterest, Flickr and Dribble would be opened soon too.

It is evident that the authorities at Teknowledge mobile app development company are trying to be innovative with their web promotional strategies. A special three-member team has been assigned the task of optimizing the profile of the company on Behance, take care of the regular updates, and monitor the post insights. At a time when very few Indian UI/UX developer firms even consider Behance as a viable marketing channel, Teknowledge has identified the site's potential, and has taken the step of representing its business over there.

According to a designated spokesperson from the Android and iPhone apps company, a lot of research had been conducted, before the decision of promoting projects on Behance was taken. While the user-base (at over two million) of the platform was not an issue, the marketers had to be sure that the audience was ready to view and appreciate projects other than artistic works, which have been common on Behance since practically its time of inception. At present, Teknowledge is having a spurt in the follower levels on its main social media marketing channel - Facebook, awareness about the company is evidently increasing, and the timing indeed seems right to cash in on the chance to grab more eyeballs on Behance.

The company has already announced the set of quality-maintenance policies it would adhere to, while advertising on Behance. Apart from completed projects, the chief mobile application development processes that are going on at Teknowledge (work-in-progress) would be separately showcased too. Two senior, in-house graphic designers have been handed the responsibility of ensuring that the images used in each of the projects are cropped and edited correctly, and are of optimal resolution levels. Content developers would be creating the snippet descriptions on each project.

The think-tank at Teknowledge are not being too aggressive with their promotions on Behance. Not all the mobile apps developed by the company are going to be showcased on the channel. Instead, the analysts would be collaborating with the developers, to filter out the best applications created by Teknowledge over the last six quarters - in terms of reviews as well as download figures at the Google Play Store. Since the opening of the Teks Mobile account on Behance, 22 app projects have been uploaded till date (along with 9 work-in-progresses). The online marketers at the firm are confident that, if they keep promoting only their finest works on Behance, it won't take long for a positive buzz to be generated about Teknowledge on this website.

Peer-networking is yet another point Teknowledge would be emphasizing upon, in the overall maintenance of its Behance profile. The marketers have been provided the necessary training to look for other well-known companies from the fields of UI/UX development and mobile app designing present on the channel, and follow their works. Provided that these companies add Teknowledge in their circles too, the overall social network of the latter would indeed be boosted.

Given the uniformly positive user-feedback Teknowledge has received on almost all of its iPhone apps over time, chances indeed look bright that the firm would be successful in getting decent levels of appreciation from Behance too. The company, however, will not be going for the 'Work for Sale' option that the website also offers. At present, gaining recognition - and not directly earning money - seems to be the objective.

The sheer volume of members on Behance makes it a challenge for any new firm (that too, whose services are not related to art) to get their profile featured on the front page of Behance. Representatives of Teknowledge Mobile Studio are confident about making the cut within a couple of months though. We'll have to wait and watch whether the company manages to live up to this challenge.

In order to contact app developers or interact with any Teknowledge officials, dial (033)40649087. You can pose queries via email too, at info@teks.co.in. For forming a holistic idea about the company's services, take a tour of http://www.teks.co.in/. Teknowledge already has a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, and it is gearing up to make full use of Behance to bolster its online visibility levels further.

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