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Teeth Whitening Melbourne - Hollywood Smiles Now Available in Melbourne

Melbourne Dentist Clinic now offers Teeth Whitening Melbourne, which delivers brilliant sparking 'Hollywood' smiles under an hour.

Dr Annie Cao from the Melbourne Dentist Clinic now offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening Melbourne. Many of her Melbourne Dentists clients have seen wonderful results from years of tobacco, coffee and other common substances, which often discolour teeth. Many of the patients at Melbourne Dentist Clinic are excited to see the results within an hour using the latest Teeth Whitening methods.

If you have ever wanted a brilliant white, attention-grabbing, perfect "Hollywood" smile? You're certainly not alone. From a recent study, an estimated two million Australians will spend a massive $1.1 billion dollars on tooth whitening products this year. Teeth whitening is the quickly becoming one on the most frequent cosmetic service provided by dentists, and there is an ever-increasing over-the-counter teeth whitening products for consumers wanting a whiter smile from Melbourne consumers.

Over the past several years Australian's love of coffee has created a massive growth area for teeth whitening products. These include the teeth whitening toothpaste and pharmacy products, to an increase in dentist teeth whitening treatments, which can provide brilliant sparking results in about an hour.

Take home teeth whiteners, often sold from retail and pharmacies have become very popular, however as Dr Annie Cao discussed they often have limitations and potential dangers which many people are unaware. Many take home whitening teeth whitening option treatments use a diluted whitener solution combined with customized whitening trays that are designed to fit the unique contours of a mouth.

Another option is to have a professional teeth whitening processes performed by a registered dentist who has undergone cosmetic dentistry training. Often this is performed using light-activated whitening treatments and can have amazing results within an hour. The team at Melbourne Dentist Clinic has had, results up to eight shades lighter and with the correct aftercare instructions are followed.

Dr Annie Cao explains that prior to the Teeth Whitening treatment a cosmetic dentist applied a gel to your lips and gums. This special gel prevents the teeth whitening ingredients in coming into contact and causing sensitivity and pain.

After the protective gel has been applied, the dentist will than apply a teeth whitening solution to your teeth and this is activated with a special ultra violet lamp to generate the active ingredients and start to revitalize the bleaching. In less than hour the process is completed and even the most darkest and most unbecoming stains are removed from the teeth.
In comparison to the over the counter products, having a dentist in Melbourne perform professional Teeth Whitening has many advantages. First, it is quick and can be completed in under an hour. Also, the trays used from over the counter are a one size fits all in comparison having a dentist perform Teeth Whitening ensures that the mouth guard is a custom fit ensuring that the active gel is much closer to the teeth and also the gel used protects the sensitive gums from irritation.

Dr Annie Cao, also stressed that most store purchased teeth whitening products have a very low dose which means that the outcome is often inconsistent and the teeth whitening can take weeks or even a month before results can be witnessed. Having your teeth whitening performed at Melbourne Dentist Clinic will ensure a faster, safer and more effective and confortable outcome and also has the advantage of being performed under the supervision of a trained dentist with cosmetic dentistry.

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