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Tee Measure, a Unique, Multi-Tool Tape Measure

The Tee Measure is a unique, multi-tool tape measure and it lightens the worker's load while expanding his or her versatility and efficiency.

Tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers, is versatility, efficiency, and saving money important when working? Would one tool that does a number of jobs be better than lugging several tools around? The unique Tee Measure combines the functions of a tape-measure, a level, a T-square, and other common necessities of the construction trades into a single, compact unit. It allows construction tradesmen and do-it-uourself householders to measure; draw and check lines; check horizontal and vertical levels; and establish and check angles. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tee Measure.

The Patent Pending Tee Measure was invented by an inventor in Elmhurst, NY, who said, "Here, in one tough, streamlined, and compact unit the size of a standard tape-measure, are several tools in one. The locking pivoting wing-rules of the Tee Measure enables the worker to establish angles, draw accurate straight lines, and execute straight accurate cuts. The two wing-rules lock in place to establish a T-square, or nay be used singly to establish a try square. They may also be used in intermediate positions to establish angles of less than 90 degrees. When not in use, the wing-rule pivot and lock flush to the front of the Tee Measure housing, precisely machined and solid. And the bubble-level, built into the top of the Tee Measure housing, permits the worker to get a quick and accurate reading of horizontal and vertical levels. All of this costs a little more than the standard, one function tape measure. Also, the Tee Measure is built to last of the highest quality, toughest materials and can be clipped onto a belt."

The inventor added, "Anyone who works in measuring, marking, cutting, and fastening wood-any framing or finish carpenter, for example, and any do-it-yourself home handyman-will appreciate the Tee Measure. The advantages of the Tee Measure will be immediately obvious."

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