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Techtic Solutions Reveals SEO Strategies with the Evolution of SEO

Techtic Solutions finally decided to reveal their SEO strategies to the community and customers. Evolution of Search Engines with the algorithms and other updates have been outstanding. Techtic announces their techniques to assure the efficiency.

A year and half back seo was nothing but building back links and submitting website to any and every directory. Along with that submitting the same article in 10 different websites to get the backlinks on the relevant keywords(spammy practice) was the practise every seo company used to follow. As a result of that search engines were bombarded with plenty of spam websites and spam submissions. Search Engine Giant Google decided to create two algorithms, Penguin and Panda to stop this. Panda is penalizing the website for the duplicate content and Penguin is penalizing the website for spammy link building techniques in simplest possible terms.

After these algorithm update on page optimization, content marketing, link earning, guest blogging and press releases with very little high quality directory submissions was the smartest way to promote a website. Previously any one and every one could have become Seo Expert since all they had to do was data entry work, but with the new algorithms Google has actually come up with a smart work trend rather than hard work trend.

Seo doesn't have a long list of activities, but in unique fashion for achieving the rankings. Getting the website up on high competition keywords is more beneficial but any seo campaign should have a combination of high, medium and low competition keywords. The higher the brand value the better the website will do in terms of keywords and rankings.

There is another aspect of digital marketing which is Social Media. Focusing on social media marketing and sending out tweets, walls and G+ is absolutely as important as anything else, since social media is the fastest way to directly target audience and hence attract direct traffic to the website.

With all said, Techtic Solutions thinks search engine optimization & social media marketing are the best Digital and Online Marketing Techniques that can be inevitably used by any business and its just amazing to watch the keywords and rankings come up gradually, with an increase in traffic and online reputation.

Techtic Solutions reveals their seo and smm practices:

Once the website on which seo experts at Techtic need to start with first thing they expect is the list of details of the website, competitors and google analytics along with social media accounts in order to get the basic idea of what this business is, where it stands and who the competitors are.

Keyword Analysis, website analysis and competitor analysis is the next thing to be performed.

Once the keywords have been approved, a keyword mapping list for the website is created and the unique titles are updated on each page of the website.

The content writers at Techtic write few paragraphs about the website to submit the website in social bookmarking, classifieds and other off page places.

Local listings are created and sent for approval on major search engines.

In the meantime meta content for each page of the website are written in relevance to the page content.

After which the on page activities like alt tag for images, twitter card, open graph meta content, robots, canonicalization and other issues are resolved and worked on.

Off page activities are then followed to maximize the benefits of on page optimization with unique press releases, classified submissions, social bookmarking, social media promotion, blogging and community postings and many more.

Hope this is informative for any of the prospects to understand what our clients should be looking for if decides to hire Techtic Solutions for their online marketing success. It is very necessary for anyone to understand what activities are going to be performed for which all the prospects can directly contact Techtic and they can share their competitive and effective packages. Moreover they can also suggest the best suitable package for any website after careful analysis and audit report for free.

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