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Technology Grant With Business Funding And Mentoring for Technology Startups

$175K Grant for Technology Start Ups working in the nanotechnology, biotech, biomedical and MEMS fields. Deadline to apply is April 20, 2013. Grant includes laboratory facilities, funding, mentoring, legal advice and professional business space.

Technology startup businesses across the nation who are working on developing biotech, biomedical, MEMS, and nanotechnology products may be pleasantly surprised to hear that two technology groups in Southern Oregon, Sustainable Valley Technology Group and Rouge Valley Microdevices, are together offering a one-year grant of $175, with $25K of that as a cash reward for business implementation costs. [url:] Technology startups [/url] that have at least two members should strongly consider whether having a year of funding, fabrication laboratory usage, and numerous forms of support (such as technical, business, legal and financial support), would assist their startup venture. Because the purpose of this [url:] technology grant [/url] is "to help researchers with brilliant ideas see those ideas through to a finished product," this grant may be just the thing to propel your startup, bringing your new technology to life quicker than originally expected. Startup companies developing technologies that can be commercialized should consider whether this grant opportunity is a good fit for your startup tech company, as it is certainly worthwhile if it means that you may have found the initial capital you've been seeking.

The 2013 Sustainable Valley iGrant, or Inspiration Grant, is a technology innovation grant designed to help get new technology based businesses off the ground by providing funding, business support, equipment, facilities, and expert consultation. The Sustainable Valley Technology Group and Rogue Valley Microdevices are seeking startup groups of at least two individuals who are designing new technology associated with the biotech, biomedical, MEMS, and nanotechnology fields such as semiconductor devices, microelectronics, biomedical devices, nanotechnology devices, water fabrication, and MEMS technology.

The iGrant provides, besides [url:] funding for your technology business [/url]: technical and business support; access to labs, fabrication equipment, seminars, workshops, and student interns; business development; legal, financial, and investment mentoring; plus more. The iGrant recipient will have access to Rogue Valley Microdevices' cutting-edge MEMS fabrication laboratory, including design-and process-engineering support. Business support and development services, including access to investors, will be provided by The Sustainable Valley Technology Group, along with a cash award of up to $25,000 for implementation costs. The grant provides the recipient a combined value of up to $175,000 over a one-year period, with the opportunity to reapply for an additional year.

Applications are currently being accepted through April 20, 2013. Five finalists will be chosen and the top-qualifying recipient will be announced on April 30th, 2013. For more information and to register, visit:

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