Tech Revolutionizes the Book Industry

Last year most of the books in the market were self-published. Thanks to technology, indie authors have direct access to market and the tool "iDeas for writing" app is coming for helping them to achieve their dream.

Over the last few years and for the first time in history, the number of self-publishing books has overcome the traditional publishing. Self-publishing is getting easier. The people behind the Literautas Project believe that writing should be easier too. So they have just released the new version of "iDeas for Writing", a mobile app designed to beat writer's block.

The app has been developed for people who enjoy writing and has many writing exercises and ideas generators. It is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Within the next months, the designers are also planning to develop the app for Android.

"The techniques of the app are similar to the ones I use to start writing, to overcome the fear to blank page or the block when I write a difficult scene." said Angel de la Cruz, author of the screenplay of "The Living Forest", pre-selected for the Oscars for Best Animation Feature Film. "Now it is going to be much easier for me. I will use the app and I will recommend it to my students of screenwriting classes."

The ideas generators of the app are four: First Lines, Titles, Characters and Five Random Words. All of them with thousands of suggestions to start a story and keep the writers away from their fear to blank page.

The app also has a notebook to take notes and write down anything the writer wants to keep. Besides, in "iDeas for Writing" writers will find a section with tips and advices to stay motivated in their daily writing.

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