Tech News: Zennie Abraham Joins Vidoco Advisory Board

Zennie Abraham, the blogger who covers politics, news, sports, and tech, has joined the advisory board of a new startup called "Vidoco."

Zennie Abraham, a recognized blogger and video-blogger who was one of the first generation of YouTube partners, and has an active channel at Zennie62 on Youtube, and a blog network at Zennie62.com , has agreed to join the advisory board of a new startup company called Vidoco.

"Vidoco is an exciting, new approach to what I call 'microvideoblogging,' and with its eye toward providing a template for storytelling, Vidoco will become a must-use and must-have app.

Zennie says that the field of 'microvideoblogging' "Has become crowded. Consider that we have Vidoco, Tout, Socialcam, Viddy, Shoutz, Vine, YouTube Capture, Ptch, Cinemagram, Threadlife, Klip, Lightt, Lumify, Strum, Qwiki,
Powercam, and even something called 'the 1 Second Everyday app.' That's 15 different platforms, and frankly, while they all have Facebook connectivity, I'm suprised Facebook hasn't taken YouTube's strategy of having its own microvlogging app.

What about Tout? Zennie has been long recognized as a Tout advocate. "I love Tout, and I use it alot, as it's different from Vidoco - both have their advantages. But the Vidoco opportunity presented itself and that has never been offered to me before."

Abraham continued "I'm speaking frankly, but too often bloggers are asked to provide input on startup tech products and at an in-depth level. So much so, that one of that blogger's ideas may be the one that propels the startup to a valuation of billions. Asking the blogger to provide in-depth input but not giving the blogger a chance to reap the benefits of what idea they come up with, or observations they make while using a product in the field is not just right at all. This is not to trash any specific company, and certainly not Tout, but this does go on.

The best action is to do what Vidoco has done - allow me to be an advisory board member, and for me to disclose the relationship.

"All I can say at this point is to download Vidoco and give it a spin. I think you'll like the speed of video upload, and also the feel of the product. Also, be careful with the location map, because it's the most accurate in the field. Whereever you're making a Vidoco video, it will pin-point your exact location. That feature opens up some incredible possibilities for location-based-vlogging," Zennie says.

Oh, and what is "microvlogging?" Abraham says that it's "just making a video of yourself saying something and showing something in 6 seconds to 1 minute. You can't just point the camcorder, you have to look into it and talk, too."

Zennie has a lot to say about video sharing, and especially YouTube. Watch this video on YouTube and its current problems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WeMfrCo4qg

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