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TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH (tec-it.com), leading vendor of AUTO-ID and barcode software, proudly introduces version 3 of the data acquisition software TWedge.

The software TWedge facilitates automated data acquisition with existing applications, the software connects any device with any system.

TWedge version 3 was rewritten from scratch and offers unmatched possibilities, advantages and capabilities.

The new version of TWedge simultaneously collects data from devices connected via serial port, Bluetooth, TCP, UDP and USB. Data from virtually all external devices like scales, gauges, scanners or measuring instruments is captured reliably and with minimal efforts.

TWedge stores the collected data immediately in files, databases or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. If required, TWedge even simulates keystrokes which are then forwarded to target applications and ERP systems. The integrated scripting (based on the V8 JavaScript engine) contributes greatly to the software's versatility and provides the user with a new level of flexibility.

CEO Guenter Kriegl points out two essential new features: "The scenario-based configuration makes the use of TWedge very simple. For example, data from an external device can be stored into a Microsoft Access database with just a few clicks. Moreover, users are now able to simultaneously collect data from multiple USB devices connected to a single PC. USB HID data acquisition devices - like low-cost keyboard wedge barcode scanners - can be employed without additional driver software."

The data acquisition software can be tested for free and TEC-IT gladly provides complimentary support in case of questions.

A YouTube Tutorial, including a feature preview of TWedge V3, can be found via the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y15HYWh_d4.

A free download and more product details are available on our homepage. Just follow the link http://www.tec-it.com/twedge.

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