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Teamability 'Plays Big' on Radio

Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of The Gabriel Institute and creator of Teamability - a completely new 'technology of teaming' - will reveal the secrets of team chemistry and positive team performance on "Step Up and Play Big" radio show.

Dr. Janice Presser will make a guest appearance on VoiceAmerica's "Step Up and Play Big" radio talk show on Wednesday, June 18 at 12 p.m. ET.

As the name suggests, the show features people who have stepped up and played big in their career or organization. Host Chris Ruisi - author of the book 'Step Up and Play Big' - created the show to help listeners, specifically entrepreneurs, tackle new challenges on their path to greater success. He invited Dr. Presser to explain how Teamability®, a completely new 'technology of teaming' that her company created, enables both leaders and teams to achieve high performance.

Teamability was conceived in 1984 when Dr. Presser and her colleague, Dr. Jack Gerber, began to search for a way to measure team dynamics: the perceptions and physical influencers that pass between people who are working together in teams. Launched in 2012, the technology is the result of a quarter-century of behavioral science R&D, including nine years of software development. Teamability was engineered to identify and organize the foundational elements of team activity and team management, and it produces true analytics of team chemistry.

The effectiveness of Teamability was demonstrated when a company adopted it as part of the hiring process. Almost immediately, the firm's 30% new hire turnover rate virtually disappeared as the company grew by 500+ people.

This appearance will be Dr. Presser's first of two radio interviews for the week, the other being on FEDtalk Radio.

To listen to 'Step Up and Play Big', visit, where the show is aired live every week. The archived version will be available after the initial broadcast.

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