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Teaching End Times Prophecy

Understanding the Book of Revelation for the first time-as John the Apostle Intended It. Imagine sitting at the feet of the Apostle John along with his student, Polycarp, and hearing his divinely inspired teaching and what that teaching revealed.


Not satisfied with the traditional Christian understanding of the New Testament book of Revelation and End Times prophecies as taught in churches today? Looking for fresh insight in to such questions as "Who is the Antichrist?" "When will the Rapture take place?" "What will happen during the Great Tribulation and the Thousand-year Reign of Christ?"

In his latest book The Cup of The Harlot, Bob Morley uses Scripture, archaeological findings (the Ras Shamra Tablets) that explain many Old Testament idiomatic expressions and reveal the true meaning of Biblical texts, and the writings of the early Church fathers - handed down orally by the Apostle himself - to bring new eye-opening inspiration to ancient yet relevant texts.

In 37 chapters, Morley dissects End Times teachings from the New Testament book of Revelation and the Old Testament book of Daniel, along with Old Testament prophets, to paint a picture that is as intriguing and satisfying as it is complete. For within the pages of The Cup of The Harlot, readers will find provocative yet common sense wisdom about mysterious End Times topics that continue to fascinate people today: the Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast, The number 666, the famed harlot sitting on the beast, cup in hand, the woman and the dragon, the fate of the Jews, the millennial reign of Christ, and much more.

Morley also reveals a significant teaching about the Nephilim (giants) first written about in Genesis, their connection to the historic Tower of Babel, and their roll in End Times events.

Also included in Morley's The Cup of The Harlot is a discussion of the seven church eras represented by the seven churches addressed in Revelation chapters 2 and 3, and a definitive explanation about the Age of Apostasy that today's Church (represented by the church at Laodicea) entered in ~1900. Not only is today's Church blinded by the prevalent concept of "cheap grace," but wrong theology about the End Times, inspired by the teachings of John Nelson Darby (1800-1882), has helped to create an era of lackadaisical Christians who are asleep they they should have their lamps burning brightly, awaiting theSecond Coming of Jesus Christ.

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