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Tavisca Solutions Launches Online Marketing Services

Tavisca Solution launched specialized marketing services for travel businesses across the globe, which includes search engine optimization, online ads, video campaigns, mobile, virtual events, and social media, aimed at ensuring maximized visibility.

Tavisca Solution, a leading travel technology products and service provider, today announced the launch of Online Marketing Services for travel businesses who are on tavisca's 'travelnxt' booking platform, to help them, and their teams implement go-to market strategies and increase brand awareness across multiple online channels.

These services include search engine optimization, online ads, video campaigns, mobile, virtual events, and social media, aimed at ensuring maximized visibility and product penetration in global online market. Customers will now be able to increase their internal productivity by outsourcing their online marketing efforts along with the technology requirements.

"Growing travel businesses face challenges in creating an online brand, attracting traffic and sustaining in a very competitive and crowded online travel space. Along with booking technology, tavisca's online marketing services are designed to help new travel businesses establish a customer base irrespective of whether they are in the B2C, B2B- consortia or a destination management business " Said Kaustubh Latkar, GM, Tavisca Solution

tavisca® is founded by travel technology veterans who have more than 20 years of combined experience in the travel technology and digital sectors and are well aware of the full travel ecosystem with a track record of delivering the most comprehensive travel trade management solutions for years.

"The dynamics of the online channels and platforms change rapidly with frequent updates of algorithms and logic by leading Search Engines and Social Media. We realized that many travel businesses struggle to keep abreast of these changes, and this results in an inefficient market reach and product visibility to the end buyer. Online marketing is not a onetime effort; it's an iterative process of distributing relevant and valuable information to the buyers. The traditional SEO methods are stale now, and the importance of content marketing is increasing, which deserves significant time and effort. We are providing a 360 degree online marketing service that comprehensively covers the most effective online channels, media and strategies to stay ahead of the competition" Koeli Chatterjee, Head Marketing and Communication, Tavisca Solution

tavisca's Online Marketing Services Includes:

1. Identifying and creating an Online Marketing Mix based on business type and marketing objectives.

2. Managing Ad Networks.

3. Collecting market insights, intelligence and consumer behavior data to design relevant marketing campaigns.

4. Search Engine Marketing for promotion via paid and organic search channels.

5. Social Engagement and Loyalty program to increase customer engagement.

6. Social Media Marketing to maximize visibility, direct interactions and trust with existing and prospect buyers via social media channels.

7. Hosting online/virtual events, podcast, webinars to increase credibility and establish brand identity.

tavisca currently provides marketing services to a number of global travel agencies, both startups and established. For more information on tavisca's marketing services contact sales@tavisca.com.

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