Offers Tattoo Quotes and Ideas That Make the Perfect Permanent Shout-outs offers an extensive selection of unique designs for that attention-grabbing tattoo, and provides up-to-date information on tattoo service rates in Australia.

The idea of getting a tattoo is not exactly new; people have been permanent inking their skin for more than 5,000 years. Tribes across all civilizations are essentially composed of people who are tattooed for identification and association purposes. Over the years, individuals have been affiliating tattooing with art, using designs that exemplify a certain aspect of their life. To a certain extent, tattoos also signify a sense of adventure and non-conformity. Using practically any image, people have the choice to have their skin inked with something they feel strongly about or consider highly important. is haven for every must-know information on tattoos, including ideas on tattoo quotes, designs, lettering and fonts. An Australia-based blog for tattoo artists and fans alike, it is the most popular online community for tattoo enthusiasts, serving 60,000 members to date with insights to getting a tattoo.

At, members can see over 8,000 high quality photos as samples of tattoo designs that can be printed or downloaded. From navy or sailor motifs, to quotations, to pin-up motifs, to general symbols, to names, the website presents all tattoo ideas that reflect something from popular culture and can be modified with embellishments or tailored to create a more complicated design to suit just about anyone's personal taste. underscores that, thanks to modern technology and tools that house several needles at once in different sizes, what wasn't possible some years back in the tattooing arena can now be achieved. Even the smallest details and the most intricate design that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to ink can already be tattooed on the skin easily.

Tattoo quotes can be anything from a book quote to a religious quote to a film quote-tattoo designs with quotes are, after general symbols and names, considered to be the most popular of all tattoo designs. When we say general symbols, we are talking about symbols such as stars, hearts, and moons. General symbols, when used in tattoo designs, are usually embellished with flourishes or sometimes even combined with names and quotes to create a more complicated design.

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