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Tarun Gupta, Business Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur, Shares His Strategic Insights to India's Booming Economy

Quickly becoming an emerging global market, Tarun Gupta discusses how both foreign and Indian businesses can leverage themselves to enter the Indian Market.

The global economy continues to expand throughout the world and India is fast becoming a central hub for both technology and large consumer brands. For those looking to have an inside look at the successful Indian companies, Tarun Gupta, a speaker and strategy consultant discusses his insights on how global businesses can position themselves for success for India's growing economy.

Tarun Gupta, a young marketing enthusiast, shares to aspiring business owners the ins and outs, as well as the dos and don'ts of the business. His well known and popular blog TarunSpeaks.com is full of creative marketing ideas and practice management tips that he has been applying in his own career as a business founder, researcher and consultant.

Tarun Gupta, is the founder and CEO of Pole Vault Consulting. He started this consulting business along with his wife Dr. Apoorva Mathur. It provides consulting services to various emerging businesses and reputed start-ups, essentially engaged in the novel and unique concept of organizational networking. The brilliance of this concept is to help in creating eclectic ecosystem for the various young organizations where they can shop for right partnerships. The company caters to foreign companies trying to enter the Indian market, as well as Indian companies trying to expand in India by leveraging new markets or enhanced offerings.

At TarunSpeaks.com, a initiative under Pole vault consulting, Tarun Gupta has published "Strategic Comparison of Coffee Brands to Incorporate Best Business in India" which places the spotlight on the distinctive characteristics and features of the popular coffee shops in India, namely Starbucks, CCD, Costa Coffee and Barista Lavazza. Through the study, Tarun Gupta highlights each of the business' Promotional and Marketing Strategies, Target Customers, Shop Location, Pricing Strategy, Store Ambience, Service time and Staff attitude.

While making suggestions and recommending on how each of the coffee businesses fare and how they can further succeed, Tarun Gupta also engages the readers by requesting them to vote for the best course of action for the coffee shop to fare better in the market or improve its current standing in comparison with the competing businesses.

Tarun Gupta and Dr Apoorva also shares networking, leadership and social success tips in the portal. They focus lot of time encouraging the readers to dream, to shine and to dare, because to them a life well lived is all about reaching your highest and your best.

To find out more about Tarun Gupta's business insights and recommendations backed by in-depth research, please visit http://www.tarunspeaks.com for information.

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