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System Sensor Issues Recall on Smoke Detectors

Failure of alert system poses serious risk of loss of life and property

System Sensor, manufacturer of smoke and fire detection systems, has issued a recall on their reflected beam smoke detectors. The detectors can fail to send the appropriate signal to the control panel which can lead to the system not sounding an alarm in the event of a fire. The problem appears to rest with the use of certain types of power supplies.

The following models and date codes are affected:
Model Number: BEAM1224S
Date Codes: 2111 - 3053

The affected detectors are ivory and black in color, 10 inches high and 7.5 inches wide. Both the model number and the date code are clearly listed on a label affixed to the back cover of the detector as well as on the product packaging. These reflected beam smoke detectors were primarily used in commercial buildings and are part of a larger fire warning system. The company website lists the power supplies that are acceptable for use with the detectors. When used in conjunction with an approved power supply, the detector does not need to be replaced.

Owners of affected units that are powered by a incompatible power supply need to contact System Sensor. These customers will receive free replacements. System Sensor, along with its distributors, are directly contacting those purchasers who have registered their products.

The affected units were sold through licensed security and electrical equipment contractors and dealers for installation as part of commercial fire safety systems between November 2012 and May 2013. Retail price for each unit is approximately $800.

"We all want to know we can feel safe and protected at work," said Artin Afsharjavan, Chairman of iFederated, parent company of iRecalls.com, "which is why it is so important that word of a recall like this gets out, not just to the contractors but also to average people who may work in a building that is at risk."

"One responsible person can make a real difference," added Drazen Alcocer, iFederated founder and CEO. "That is why when a recall like this is issued, it isn't just contractors and building managers that need to hear about it. Chances are, the more people who know a risk exists, the faster it will get resolved. This is why iRecalls.com is such an invaluable resource and why we want to see as much community participation on the site as possible."

iRecalls.com is a social media community organized for the timely circulation of information regarding product recalls of all manner of description. To become part of this growing community, the public is invited to visit http://www.irecalls.com and create a free account.

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