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SYNTASA™ Announces Dr. Joseph Marr as Senior Principal Data Scientist

Dr. Joseph Marr joins SYNTASA™, adding data science focus to the eclectic, innovative Advanced Analytics Team

SYNTASA™ is proud and honored to welcome Dr. Joseph Marr as the Senior Principal Data Scientist. Dr. Marr joins the team with almost 20 years of modeling, simulation, and data science R&D experience. He is an industry recognized data scientist whose use of predictive analytics, machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques will help to provide SYNTASA's customers with decisive, competitive advantages in their respective markets.

Dr. Marr began his career as a U.S. Government employee, then contractor, deployed worldwide in various technical and non-technical capacities. During this time, his technical expertise was weapons proliferation, contributing significantly to our nation's understanding of foreign weapons programs. Ten years later, Dr. Marr moved into the private sector with Lockheed Martin, Co., generating over $180 million in new project funding for his customer. He served as technical point-of-contact for outreach to the Department of Energy's National Labs, a technical program manager for highly specialized technology development programs, and as advisor to Director-level officers. His achievements at LMCO were recognized in 2001 with the President's Circle Award and a nomination for Technical Fellow, making him one of the youngest scientists in his business unit to receive the nomination.

Dr. Marr then held the position of senior principal scientist for Abraxas, where he designed and implemented a novel prediction market product for a U.S. Government customer that successfully resulted in the unique acquisition of real time, local polling data from an overseas environment. Dr. Marr also worked as Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist/Technology Officer for Ronin Associates International, and since June 2011 has served as an instructor in George Mason University's School of Physics, Astronomy and Computational Sciences.

Dr. Marr has built, tested and successfully deployed data models into the public, private and academic sectors. Marr's success results from a deep, focused understanding of customer requirements, and from utilizing the most appropriate techniques to create customized analytic solutions.

Dr. Marr is a member of several professional societies and has been rewarded and recognized for his work. Acknowledgements include nominations for the 2013 GMU adjunct faculty teaching excellence award and GMU OSCAR undergraduate research mentor award. Dr. Marr received his PhD in chemical engineering with a minor in applied mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his B.S. from the Institute of Technology in Chicago. In May 2010, he received an M.S. in computer science from John Hopkins University.

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