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Synergy Sports Wellness Institute Opens New Offices in Atlanta/Buckhead Georgia and Tampa Florida

The Synergy Sports Wellness Institute recently opened two new offices - Atlanta/Buckhead, GA and Tampa, FL - to better serve their patients. They specialize in Pain Management, Injury Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention and Lifestyle Enrichment.

The Synergy Sports Wellness Institute was founded by Dr. Michael Hatrak, known as the "Miracle Man" by the professional athletes that he treats. In late 2013, Dr. Hatrak decided to expand his operations outside of his Alpharetta, GA facility and open two new offices to more conveniently serve his patients. These office will feature doctors who have been personally trained by Dr. Hatrak in the art of Synergy Release Therapy.

Synergy Release Therapy is a unique way of correcting body dysfunction and misalignment. Synergy Release Therapy was developed by biomechanics specialist John Patterson, and furthered by Dr. Michael Hatrak of the Synergy Sports Wellness Institute to become the revolutionary treatment that it is today.

Patterson found that the cause of most injuries started early in life as a result of one or more stresses causing a compromise in the structural patterns and development of the body. Additional or continuous stress in the forms of falls, accidents, poor lifestyle choices or repetitive stress further compromise the body causing a progressive downward pattern of dysfunction. Recognition of these stress patterns is the true genius of the Synergy Release Therapy™. These stress patterns are categorized into "Phases" of dysfunction.

Using a combination of manual and cutting-edge instrument assisted mobilization techniques, Synergy Release Therapy can deliver unprecedented results in prevention and management of injuries or ailments.

The Synergy Sports Wellness Institute office locations are:

Tampa, Florida - 5850 West Cypress St.,Tampa, FL 33607
813.333.2623 -

Atlanta, Georgia - 2233 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30309
404.352.8900 -

Alpharetta, Georgia - 6495 Shiloh Road, Suite A2-110, Alpharetta, GA 30005
770.740.9200 -

Whether you are a competitive athlete, an active exerciser, or someone just trying to improve your overall health, we have treatments and innovations that can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help YOU.

Ready to begin feeling better? Contact the Synergy Sports Wellness Institute and schedule your Full Diagnostic Exam. More often than not, they will be able to tell you what is bothering you before you tell them.

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