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Sydney Medical Interventions is a unique institution which aids the patients with several advanced technological procedures.

Sydney medical Interventions is a renowned medical facility set up at the heart of the city. Dr. Albert Goh, its founder and head is talented person specializing in fields like Neuro-vascular Radiology, Peripheral Endovascular intervention and Arterial endovascular intervention. He is an expert in assisting major surgeons in treating chronic diseases like cancer, neurosurgeries etc. As a proud alumnus of New South Wales, Dr. Albert Goh was offered a fellowship in the Royal Australian and New Zealand college of Radiologists at a very young age. He has several degrees and specializations, making him the first preferred choice for complex procedures like renal dialysis and testicular vein emoblisation.

Mr. Albert Goh's name will feature in the top 3 list if you search for the best Radiologist Sydney has. As a reputed doctor, he practices privately and in collaboration with several hospitals. As a dynamic personality, patients feel quite comfortable in his presence. Sydney Medical Interventions is a unique institution which aids the patients with several advanced technological procedures. They have experts in every procedure starting from angiogram and catheter insertions to more complex Portacath implantation. The institution has become a haven for several patients who need interventions services as a part of their major surgery or ongoing treatment for chronic illnesses.

Rightly known as one of the best Radiologist Sydney has ever seen Mr. Albert Goh aims in easing the pain for each patient in the best possible way. Be it a complex dialysis procedure or a simple catheter insertion, his expertise in handling the patients and skill in handling the equipments ensures hundred percent wellness to the customers. Based in a central location in the beaming city of Sydney, this institution is recommended by many major hospitals as a trusted subsidiary to do various tests and procedures on a regular basis.

The changing demands of the modern medical world do not allow every hospital to own sophisticated equipments. People like Dr. Albert Goh come forward to help the small scale hospitals through their medical institutions. They aid them in conducting all complex tests and make the patients feel much better through their procedures. The patients get to experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere rather than the staunch hospital environment. Even advanced diseases are handled with utmost care in the Sydney Medical Interventions center, making it a favorite pain relieving spot for the city. If you live in Australia and are looking for reliable and advanced medical support, contact Mr. Albert Goh now.

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Dr. Albert Goh is a renowned doctor, radiologist at a premier Australian medical service provider, Sydney Medical Interventions. He graduated from the University of New South Wales.

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Suite 1, Westmead Private Hospital
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Phone: 02 8837 9141

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Suite 1, Westmead Private Hospital
Suite 1, Westmead Private Hospital