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Dr. Albert Goh, one of the most famous vascular surgery experts in Australia is the best person to perform such procedures without causing major or minor side effects.

Sydney Medical Interventions has now expanded its equipments to carry out more than 15 medical procedures in one single roof. The renowned institution has served as esteemed partner of several Sydney hospitals in assisting their patients with post hospital care. There are several complex medical procedures that need to be carried on during long term treatments like Portacath. It involves placing a device which will aid in getting automatic chemotherapies as and when required. Such procedures involve high experience and familiarity with all the latest technologies in the market.

Dr. Albert Goh, one of the most famous vascular surgery experts in Australia is the best person to perform such procedures without causing major or minor side effects. It is only fit that he set up the interventions centre investing his long years of experience and expertise. The center has turned out to be a highly successful one conducting nearly 15 different types of procedures, most of them personally supervised by Dr. Albert Goh.

Many of these procedures are highly infectious. Even the slightest contamination in the equipments used can cause havoc in the patients' health. Hence it becomes absolutely important to select the best places to get treated. Hospitals often refrain from giving high quality post treatment care due to lack of facilities and the high number of patients to be attended. Sydney Medical Interventions fill this gap by providing high quality, hygienic and affordable services to patients who are in need of several procedures starting from thrombolysis to vascular surgery and stent surgery.

The patients can share their medical history and get the recommended procedures to keep them alive like angiogram, chemotherapy and dialysis in a serene and secluded environment.

The atmosphere in the intervention centre is much different than that of the hospital as it caters to limited number of patients with high health risk. They use state of the art technology for all the procedures including thrombolysis, vascular surgery and stent surgery.

Sydney Medical Interventions centre is especially famous for performing portacath procedures for cancer patients. The place is listed under the famous radiology hospitals in the city rather than a general interventions centre in most of the directories. But, in reality they cater to several ailments related to neurology, oncology, orthopedics and many other branches of medicine. If you are living in and around Sydney and looking for a great place to get simple or complex procedures done safely, visit Sydney Medical Interventions without hesitation.

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Dr. Albert Goh is a renowned doctor, radiologist at a premier Australian medical service provider, Sydney Medical Interventions. He graduated from the University of New South Wales.

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Phone: 02 8837 9141

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Suite 1, Westmead Private Hospital
Suite 1, Westmead Private Hospital