Sweet Sweat Prepared To Sweat It Out At The 2012 LA Fit Expo

As one of the exhibitors at the upcoming Los Angeles Fitness Expo, Sports Research is set to wow guests with a lineup of exciting activities that showcase Sweet Sweat's effectiveness as a fitness product.

With only days away from the opening of the 2012 Los Angeles Fitness Expo, Sports Research is going all out in its preparations to feature Sweet Sweat's amazing benefits to a crowd of over 35,000. Sweet Sweat, a revolutionary fitness product designed to promote circulation and vasodilation during exercise, is endorsed by UFC middleweight Court McGee, boxer Mike Jones, and MMA wrestling coach Kenny Johnson, who has trained current UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn. To date, Sweet Sweat is distributed to 53 countries around the world and is one of the "hottest" pre-workout products in the market today.

"There is no way we would miss California's once a year fitness event" says Sweet Sweat vice president for sales and marketing Jeff Pedersen, Jr." He adds, "We have always attended and this year is no exception. In fact, we have secured two booths (#323 and #422) and we will be demonstrating how Sweet Sweat works to maximize workouts."

When asked about what guests can expect when they visit Sweet Sweat's booths, Pedersen answers "We don't want to spoil it for anyone who may be encountering Sweet Sweat for the first time at the Expo. What we can promise, however, is a great time for those who will be dropping by our booths." Pedersen also shares, "We are inviting everyone to bring their cameras and take pictures and videos of our demos. And if they're up for a challenge, they can also participate in our activities but we do recommend bringing an extra shirt as they will no doubt break a good sweat."

The 2012 Los Angeles Fitness Expo is a two-day event, opening on January 28. It promises to be the biggest and the best expo of its kind on the West Coast and is attended by over 300 exhibitors who are all vying for a share of the lucrative Southern California fitness, sports, and martial arts markets. For more information on the event, please visit www.thefitexpo.com or contact 310.519.1484 ext. 102 for specific details on Sweet Sweat's lineup of activities for the upcoming expo.

About Sweet Sweat:

Sweet Sweat was developed by fitness expert Jeff Pedersen, Sr., the first baseball player in NCAA history to start on three straight national champion teams. The elder Pedersen launched Sweet Sweat in 1980 and is now available in 54 countries worldwide. Sweet Sweat is manufactured by Sports Research, a California-based company that also produces dietary supplements and other fitness products.


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