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Sweet Dreams May Prevent SIDS

Sweet Dreams is a new device to help parents and caregivers prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome also known as (SIDS).

Attention parents! Preventing a child from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a vital part of being a knowledgeable and cautious caregiver. And knowing that a child is safe and sleeping peacefully can ease one's mind. Sweet Dreams is a specially designed portable infant monitoring system with a wristband transmitter which constantly monitors an infant's pulse and respiration. A receiving unit, also made in the form of a lightweight, wearable wristband, alerts you if your infant's pulse or respiration drops below or rises above the normal healthy rate.

This device, Sweet Dreams, provides parents and caregivers with a more reliable way to monitor the young child during sleep thus preventing the injuries and deaths that result from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, (SIDS). This is a vitally important device for all parents, grandparents, caregivers and baby sitters. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating very strong consumer interest in Sweet Dreams.

The Patent Pending Sweet Dreams was invented by Abigail Muniz of Romeoville, IL, who said, "A bright green indicator light is mounted to the upper left quadrant of the Sweet Dreams receiver and constantly illuminates when the child's heart beat and respiratory rate are within a normal range. This light turns bright red and rapidly flashes in the event there is a disruption or inconsistency in either the child's heart rate or respiratory rate. Also, a vibrating mechanism in the receiver causes the entire wristband to vibrate in the event the child's heart or respiratory rate is compromised."

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