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Sweet and Savory Nut Butter Brittles From an Old-World European Recipe Iranian; Immigrants Share Th

Iranian immigrants Kathy and Rohy, a mother-daughter duo, have launched their own line of nut butter brittles from their traditional recipe.

(Sunnyvale, CA, September 17, 2009) -- Mama's Goodies is launching a line of sweet and savory nut butter brittles that are sure to rival any nut brittle you've tasted, in both flavor and quality. Kathy Khodi and her mother Rohy Khorshidian, both Iranian immigrants, developed the candies from an old-world family recipe. "My mother began making the brittles when we arrived in the U.S. because it reminded her of home and our life in Iran," said Kathy. "It was her way of adjusting to her new life and bringing a piece of her heritage here to the U.S."

Mama's Goodies produces artisan nut butter brittles in unique flavors including sesame, which is traditional in Iran, and almond, another Iranian flavor, as well as cashew, pecan and macadamia - coconut. Kathy and Rohy strive for a true homemade taste, using only the finest all-natural and Kosher ingredients including pure honey, 100% maple syrup and real butter. "My mom will taste batch after batch and if it doesn't have that authentic homemade taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture, she won't sell it," said Kathy. The duo also has firm standards on the density of nuts in their brittles, which is another defining characteristic of Mama's Goodies.

Mama's Goodies Nut Brittles can be ordered online at and are priced at $4.99 for a 4-ounce bag. The Cashew Nut Brittle and Almond Nut Brittle both highlight the traditional flavors of those nuts. The Pecan Nut Brittle has a toasted pecan flavor with dark pecan chunks throughout. The Macadamia and Coconut Nut Crunch features sweet toasty coconut with a signature macadamia nut flavor. Finally, the Sesame Seed Butter Nut Crunch exhibits toasty flavor notes with an almost-Asian flair, and is the traditional nut brittle eaten in Iran.

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