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Sweatz Released Videos on Weight Loss Tips and Workout Clothes

Sweatz has released a video on 15 weight loss tips, for quick weight loss with their weight loss vests, they have also released a video on designer workout clothes.

Sweatz has released a video on 15 weight loss tips, for quick weight loss with their weight loss vests, they have also released a video on designer workout clothes.

"Split your weight loss into 3 areas. Always wear a Sweatz weight loss Vest to attack fat burn. Exercise regularly and Eat right.
Weight loss Tips are as follows:
#1. Try to eat 5-6 times a day.
#2. Split your meal in to protein, complex carb and Vegetables.
#3. Drink water through out the day.
#4. Cut out all fizzy drinks.
#5. Always wear sweatz weight loss vests.
There are more tips in the video" Said the Media manager Sweatz.

"We have three ranges of workout clothes, the World's most advanced technical sportswear with leg cooling panels and many more Worlds first technical features. As worn by Mr Universe Gary Lister. Various other workout clothes, Designer Gym Wear and body building gear. Then there's our designer fashion range styled like you've just bought a garment from All Saints but with all the performance qualities of the best in technical sports performance fabrics. Non Iron, ultra cooling, super light, ultimate performance designer sportswear and sports fashion wear." said the spokesperson from Sweatz.

"We are Sweatz, the Worlds No 1 Sportswear brand. We have created 3 ranges, Advanced Technical - the Worlds most advanced sports/ workout gear to date including our world's first technical designs and features. Aimed at those individuals who want a better quality, more expensive, fashion designed sports garment as an alternative to the mass produced brands. Including our explosive compression gear made from our very own Sweatz PWR CORE FLEX fabric for added support and to deliver optimum flexibility and movement using the world's finest enhanced moisture management system. " added the spokesperson from Sweatz.com website.

Sweatz had last month launched a revolutionary product in the fitness clothing world, Quick Weight Loss Vests. Sweatz claims that these Weight Loss Vests are specially designed to increase the fat burning process in the body and hence it lead to quick weight loss.

"If a person is looking to lose weight fast, then his life is going to be lot easier and twice as fast. Ever imagined that wearing a vest can help lose weight twice as fast? Well then this is going to be a new revolution in fitness World, with this clinically tested product by Sweatz Weight Loss Vests. As a weight loss Personal Trainer for over 2 years our clients have had huge success with this product" stated Ian Morrison, a fitness Expert and one of the regular user of Sweatz Vests.

"weight loss tips and Workout clothes are excellent videos by Sweatz. Simply wear a Sweatz Vest under usual training gear when doing any exercise or activity and lose weight twice as fast." said Ian Morrison.

Fitness Experts and weight loss enthusiasts who may be interested in learning more about Sweatz Vests, can visit www.sweatzvest.com and www.sweatz.com or contact Sweatz at 0844 504 0550 for more information.

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