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Surface Optics Corporation Expands Distributor Network to India, Partners with Micronel Global Engineers

Surface Optics Corporation announced it has reached a strategic agreement with Micronel Global Engineers Pvt Ltd. to distribute Surface Optics' line of hand held reflectometers, emissometers, and hyperspectral cameras in India.

The SOC-410 series of handheld reflectometers deliver quality measurements of optical properties of materials comparable to those of laboratory instrumentation.. The SOC-410 DHR is the first of its class handheld reflectometer for measuring optical constants of surfaces in the infrared spectral region. The 410-Solar is designed for assessment of CSP mirrors and receivers, and solar reflectance measurements of roofing and other thermal insulation elements.

The ET100 is a modern replacement for the classic Gier Dunkle DB100 emissometer for characterization of radiative properties of objects in varied industries from aerospace to semiconductor, to building construction.

The SOC710-VP delivers to researchers a high performance, durable hyperspectral camera at an affordable price. Covering the 400-1000 nm spectral range, 128 bands, and weighing less than 3kg with an internal scanning design, the SOC710-VP is a powerful tool for applications in precision agriculture, forestry, mining and oceanography.

Micronel Global Engineers has established itself as a leader in installation, commissioning and life cycle support of systems all over India, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka for metrology and optical measuring products. As the market for high-quality spectral imaging equipment in India grows, the Surface Optics-Micronel partnership will allow Surface Optics Corp. to build on its presence in the region and provide greater support to customers.

About Surface Optics Corp.
Surface Optics Corporation (SOC) offers a single engineering and manufacturing source for the characterization, control, and exploitation of the optical properties of surfaces. For over 35 years, Surface Optics has provided hemispherical and bidirectional reflectance measurement services, custom instrument engineering services, analytical software, reflectometers, hyperspectral and multispectral imagers, and surface coating products for a broad range of industry applications.

About Micronel Global Engineers
Micronel Global Engineers is an engineering company headquartered in Bangalore and has branch offices in all the metropolitan cities in India. Founded in the year 1986 to nurture talent, skills and innovation for executing complex and challenging projects using scientific knowledge and engineering expertise.

For more information on Micronel Global Engineers, contact Ashwani Kumar, Products Manager at: or visit

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