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Insurance Associates is an independent insurance agency providing surety bonding and insurance services for the construction industries in the region of DC, MD and VA.

Contracting with government entities has now become even more interesting as the US Small Business Administration has increased the limit of surety bond from 2 million dollar to 5 million dollar. This increment will ensure the small business owners can now place a higher contract and this has increased the popularity and responsibilities of surety construction insurance in MD. Speaking on this increasing limit, the SBA Administrator Darryl K. Hairston claims that "the changes made will certainly help small business owners to get stable in the marketplace. Especially those contractors who have suffered from declining market due to the poor economy."

The most important benefit of getting a surety construction insurance in DC is the city is full of opportunities. There is vast number of bids placed every day and in order to secure their investment, the principals or the project owners need to hire a trustworthy company to help them out in case of requirement. These companies are generally some kind of financial institutions like banks or insurance brokers who plays a connecting bridge in between the project owner and the contractors. The main task of them is to ensure the contract is completed in time with utmost performance. If the contractor default the contract, the surety company is responsible to compensate for that.

The increased bid limit has encouraged many organizations to resister their presence in this market. This has filled the entire marketplace with a lot of options. But as per being a project owner, you need nothing but the best. There are quite a few reputed companies like Insurance Associates ( who are constantly acting superbly in providing surety construction insurance in VA and other parts of the US. Getting the help of them will certainly ensure the delivery of your task in time without compromising with the performance. The company has a vast experience in its arsenal and dozens of satisfied clients are the proof of their quality service.

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