SuperMath Conference Brings Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics to San Diego

SuperMath, an analytical conference brings together national thought leaders and business groups for thought provoking discussions, and demos.

San Diego, CA, - SuperMath, an analytical conference brings together national thought leaders and business groups for thought provoking discussions, and demos. The presentations will focus on analytics and how to use them in everyday life in the areas of Business, Social Networking, Medicine and Security.

"Better Living Through Analytics" is the title of an analytics conference ( ) that will be held in the San Diego area this November. It is an invitation-only analytical conference that is bringing together national analytics experts and business personnel on November 10 at the Del Mar Marriot. Its focus is to offer participants thought provoking discussions and presentations designed to inspire, educate and collaborate.

An expo of cutting-edge analytics technologies and practical applications in everyday life will be showcased inside the analytic conference in four distinct areas called "neighborhoods." In these neighborhoods, attendees can learn about new inventions, real world impacts, and people who are changing the field. They will offer a glimpse of the next wave of advances in predictive analytics ( ), business intelligence ( ), bioinformatics [Bioinfomatics is the application of statistics and computer science to the field of molecular biology.] and statistical analysis.

One of the analytics conference's goals is to facilitate sharing of ideas that affect city and county infrastructure and energy. The expo will be open to the public as well as conference attendees. The conference expects a mix of people including analytics practitioners, IT managers, sales and marketing managers.

San Diego is a recognized analytics center, and the presentations at the analytics conference will highlight the area's technology in bioinformatics, genomics, risk analysis, web analytics, marketing research, business intelligence systems, fraud detection, crime and predictive analytics, marketing automation, and energy usage.

Some of the participating companies include Teradata, Covario. Ertona, Opera Solutions, ID Analytics, IBM, Brightscope and Melissa Data. Several of these companies focus on analytics, or use key analytics [Business intelligence] to support their businesses.

Conference Chair, Tom Clancy, director of the San Diego Software Industry Council, said, "Analytics technologies are used in increasingly diverse roles in the global economy. This technology is being used to analyze everything from hospital infection rates to wildfire burn rates and directions. We can now predict fraud and risk assessments for the credit card industry [Predictive analytics] and analyze genetic variations to forecast the risk of disease in individuals, and the population at large."

Bob Slapin whose San Diego Software Industry Council is organizing the conference, said, "Software analytics companies have multiplied and evolved to create a nationally significant cluster in San Diego... [there are] numerous additional companies using analytics as an integral part of their on-going operations. Analytics is a great source of good paying jobs...and it continues to grow rapidly."

Keynote speakers include: Charles Komanoff, an energy-policy analyst, transport economist and environmental activist; Dr. Eric Topol, Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, and also, a pioneer in advancing individualized medicine; and Pamela Scanlon, Executive Director of San Diego's Automated Regional justice Information System. Other speakers include Dr. Michael Victoroff, Chief Medical Officer for Parity Computing; Amy Chui, Vice-president of Risk Analysis and Management from Sempra Energy, and Revathi Subramanian, Director of Research & Development with the SAS Institute, Inc.

Amy Chui, Pamela Scanlon and Revathi Subramanian will lead a discussion entitled "Predictive Analytics in the Real World: Stories of Energy, Risk, and Crime." An introduction to their panel discussion states, "Everyday, citizens and businesses face risk, in both a financial and physical aspect. A large portion of analytics innovations today focus on helping to mitigate risk and find opportunities using predictive analytics."

Dr. Michael Victoroff is a frequently sought expert in bioinformatics, and patient safety, and teaches in the medical school and graduate school at the University of Colorado. His presentation "Discerning medical Truth in Post- Reform Healthcare" will focus on Healthcare reform mandates, and the vast amounts of patient and outcome data, and whether this will lead to better outcomes or just more information to manage and protect. He will provide a clear definition of the problem faced by healthcare providers, and describe a bright vision of bioinformatics that promises positive improvements in cost and clinical outcomes.

For more information, phone the San Diego Software Industry Council at (858) 793-6655.



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