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Fresh Lease of Life for Elderly from The Golden Concepts' Elderly Equipment

Products for elderly from The Golden Concepts (TGC) are available for sale. The products are designed taking into account immediate needs and requirements of elderly and growing elderly individuals. With help of the elite and smart elderly equipment, seniors have the reasons to walk confidently in their area, without seeking any assistance from young.

At The Golden Concepts, comfort and care for elderly is given top priority. In addition, the smart line of equipment brings peace of mind to the family members of elderly people.

Vanessa, one of the co founders of The Golden Concepts avowed, "It was me and Chang, who came up with an idea of lending a caring hand to the elderly people. We've had lot of real time experience out there in Denmark during the university exchange program. TGC is an innovative and noble concept. We are now including exclusive line of elderly products so that they have more choices."

The Golden Concepts is a niche online store to shop for all kinds of elderly care products including Bedside Econorail, Bedcane, Stable Rail, Switch Stick, Seat Stick, Metro Walker, Stander Cane, Omhu Sport Cane, Switch Stick, Adult Diapers, Bottom Wrappers, and Disposable Under pads.


Steve - I bought a seat stick for my Grand Pa from The Golden Concepts. It's been almost a year… or even more than that… I count on its durability. Moreover, with its portable design my loving Grand Pa can easily manage it, especially, when he's all alone. Another advantage that I found in this stick is that despite high durability, it is light in weight. I think you'd go for one for your Grand Pa or Grand Ma or any elderly member in your family.

The Golden Concepts is a leader in elderly equipment in Singapore. It provides an exceptional range of products for loved ones. The exclusive collection of elderly products has been chosen from different regions in the world with a very simple purpose - safety and security of the elderly and loved ones. We value the independence of elderly people and therefore, ensure high quality of life to them through our product line. At The Global Concepts, products have been chosen not only keeping in mind the basic functions. We understand that the concern of every elderly individual is different and unique, and therefore, the equipment in our inventory addresses very specific and detailed needs.

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