Sunday Sale by HealthShoppe Is Expected to Bring Greater Profit

The Sunday Deals or special Sunday Sale introduced by Health-Shoppe is turning out to be a key initiative. Customers have already appreciated this Sunday Deals as they are getting all their favourite health & beauty items on weekends. has significantly gained by a recent value addition to its Special Offers. The recent initiative, called Sunday Super Sale, has been a success as apparently seemed from the sales figures of the first two weekends of 2014.

Customers have widely appreciated the super Sunday Sale or Sunday Deals of Health-Shoppe. The shoppers are also calling the event in the names like, Sunday Offers, Super Saver Sunday. People who are busy on weekdays, do shopping mostly on weekends. This Sunday Deals is giving them immense benefits. They can shop health & beauty products comfortably.

This Sunday Deals is launched by keeping in mind about the seasonal sale. So, people are gaining because of that as well. Products from the segments of perfumes & deodorants, tea products, health supplements, sports nutrition, wellness & beauty cosmetics are offered at a great price in Sunday Deals. The company has plans to include other category specific products in Sunday deals in coming weekends.

The health & beauty brands which are associated with Sunday Deals, are gaining most from this. They are giving additional discount on product value but gaining through bulk product sales. The Sunday Sale was supposed to start with 20 branded products. But it ran with 50 branded items on last week. This is because the brands have come with a positive feeling that Sunday Deals might boost their sales and from the first two weeks' results, it seems that they are right.

According to a company spokesperson, "The Sunday Deals has given us the opportunity to catch customers' preferences for weekend shopping. Our customers have done some great shopping with us in the weekends of 2014. We thank them for being loyal and supportive to this initiative." The spokesperson also adds, "We are happy that we have brought a smile on our vendors' faces through Sunday Deals. This Sunday Deals is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for customers, vendors and management."

The page on Sunday Offers can be only accessed from Saturday afternoon and till Sunday night. More information on Sunday Super Sale or Sunday deals and offers for coming Sunday can be found on the company's website. Visitors can also check out the general offers on health & beauty products through menus of
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