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Sultry Summers Turn Amusing With Carzonrent Self Drive Service

Get rid of the sweat, enjoy a summer getaway by choosing your favorite car for self-drive.

Sweaty, sultry summers can be quite irritating. But what if you could forget the world and drive to your favorite destination while cherishing the company of your loved ones? What if you could go on an adventure with a car you like? The latest trends suggest that more and more people want to enjoy a stress-free mini holiday in summers and to do that, they are choosing 'Self-Drive.' Interestingly, the phrase not just represents driving on your own, it also represents Carzonrent's latest addition to their range of services.

Carzonrent, the popular car rental company in India is now offering a 'Self-Drive' service. The service, known as Myles allows renters to opt for any car of their choice and enjoy the perks of an unplanned destination. While this scheme has been popular all over the world, it has started to gain prominence in India as well.

Sakshi Vij, a spokesperson from Carzonrent revealed, "Our scheme, 'Self-Drive-Myles' was launched with one simple endeavor- to provide unlimited ground transportation options to Indians. The feature is perfect for a variety of users, irrespective of whether or not they own a car. The scheme allows them to enjoy and experience unbeaten roads in a car they want."

Currently, Carzonrent is offering over 250 cars, which are available in 16 cities and can be picked up from any of their 100 locations. The spokesperson told us that their car rental company offers a wide range of fleet, from hatchback, sedans to four wheel drive and premium vehicles. According to her, the major group of renters includes families, who decide to take a weekend trip or an unplanned vacation with their loved ones.

Sameer Oberoi, one of the customers who availed their services said, "I wanted to go out for a fun trip with my friends, but had a hatchback. Plus, I didn't want to take two-three cars with me. That's why my friends and I chose a four-wheel drive from Carzonrent and took a five day vacation. It's probably the best memory of my life!"

Myles services by the company isn't just popular for offbeat travel, it is gaining prominence as an in-city mode of commuting as well.

Sakshi added, "More and more people now choose this for within the city usage. Those who don't own a car can take pride in renting a vehicle, while enjoying comfort and privacy. Others choose it when other modes of conveyance aren't available."

Carzonrent's Myles services can be availed for as low as INR 1700 and customers simply have to register themselves, give a copy of their driving license and pay by either credit or debit card.

So, the next time you need to travel, just think about the joys of a four wheeler!

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