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Successful Education Solutions Releases Free College Success Blueprint Detailing Action Steps to a Dream College

Detailed in Step 5 of the College Success Blueprint, Successful Education Solution provides students and their families the step-by-step guide to making the right choice for a Dream College.

Successful Education Solutions, a service dedicated to offering college planning and financial services, offers guidance to college-bound students as they surmount the many hurdles that usually come with applying for and staying in college. The team of college planning specialists offers incoming college students the right assistance, from taking a SAT Prep Course to getting financial aid, to help them navigate the complexities of college life without draining their bank account.

A key focus of SES is to provide students and their families some invaluable insights on how to be in the right school or university and pursue the major of their dreams. Through Step 5 of the easy-to-follow College Success Blueprint, SES offers a detailed checklist on how to select their dream college.

According to Jeffrey Sonnergren, Successful Education Solutions Founder and President, "The task of hunting for the right college is like an avid bird watcher who needs a good set of binoculars when scouting for a feathered beauty."

"Binoculars expand the view, define the object, and bring the details into focus. They add an 'up close and personal' aspect to the sport," said Sonnengren. "A college search does much the same for a student. Look through the binoculars below to see the search for a college 'up close and personal," he added.

As there are more college applicants than available seats in classrooms, colleges are increasingly becoming keen on accepting only those who fall well within the range of GPA and SAT/ACT scores. For a student to stand a chance with attending the right college, they need to pick at least 6 schools that are likely to accept them.

SES also spotlights how smart college students tend to deal with the pressure of being admitted to the "elite schools." A research published on The Atlantic Magazine, however, refuted this concept by spotlighting "how advantages conferred by the most selective schools may be overstated" and that those not in the top 25 list "may only slightly less good than the elites."

Parents also tend to favor sending their college children to state schools that offer some aid. SES clarified, however, that as state colleges do not usually have the funds for scholarships and grants as other schools, the aid offered does not necessarily cover the cost of education. Another school, with more money, may pay as much as 100% of the needed dollars.

Amidst the overwhelming information on college selection, the SES College Success Blueprint advices students to consider a few factors when selecting the right college to attend, including the type and size of the institution, the size of college setting, the geographical setting, the majors and degrees offered including the availability of placement services, and the facilities available.

Sonnergren further underscores that visiting the institution is a significant part of the college selection process. It is also plays a key role in cementing a student's decision on where to complete his or her higher education goals.

"There is nothing more memorable than walking across the campus and getting a feel for the place you may spend your next four years. There is nothing more impressive to a registrar, financial aid officer, or admissions officer than being able to put a face with a name," said Sonnegren.

To find out more about Successful Education Solutions' take on how to choose and end up with their Dream School, as detailed on the College Success Blueprint, please visit for information.

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