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Successful Education Solutions Applies Major Matching Technique for College and Career Path Planning

Step 3 of SES' 10-Step College Guide focuses on matching majors with individuals based on a specific set of criteria.

College statistics involving many American students have not been very promising. One in three students transfer to other colleges, and nearly half of all freshmen will drop out. Despite the obvious importance of college commitment and career goals, 60% of people entering freshmen year don't do career planning.

Successful Education Solutions, a team of college planning experts, has reason to believe taking the right steps for proper planning plays a vital role.

Jeffrey Sonnergren, Founder and President of SES, developed a 10-step Student Positioning Guide to assist incoming college students and their families in the planning process. Realizing his past mistakes - and having selected his own college and major for the wrong reasons - he made it his life's mission to provide families with strategies to make college more affordable and prepare for college success.

"Career planning involves thinking about educational and educational paths that offers long-term satisfaction and fulfillment," said Jeffrey, noting the importance of self-awareness to determine personality, interests, academic strengths, skills, personality, values and needs.

Step 3 of the free 10-step College Planning Guide for choosing the right major and college focuses on the technique aptly called Major Matching. In an 11-minute video, Jeffrey discusses the how the Major Matcher recognizes that college-bound students need to stick to "who they are" through proper planning.

Citing the Occupational Wheel utilized by the U.S. Education Department, Jeffrey assesses an individual's social, enterprising, artistic, investigative, conventional or realistic personality. This method of personality typology helps identify good match for students through interest profiling.

SES conducts a major overview of over 1,200 occupations, which are matched to majors. Thereafter, majors are then match to colleges, and students are matched to such colleges offering preferred methods. Tying together all information, the process enables SES to provide individuals with the right options, usually comparing two or three majors.

The processing of assessing, exploring, identifying and select the colleges is integral to career planning which, in turn facilitates more appropriate goal setting and leads to effective college and career decision making. On the other hand, the lack of a career plan results in college transfers, dropouts, college major switching and extended years. Ultimately, students and families are looking at a thrown out investment.

To find out more about Successful Education Solutions' Major Matcher tool to help incoming student decide on the best college and career path, please visit for information.

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