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Successful Education Solutions Details Key College Essay Prep Tips in Free Audio Guide

In a 30-minute teleconference held last July, SES Founder and President Jeffrey Sonnergren zeroed in on what to do for College Applications, Essays, Resumes and Letters of Recommendations.

Being the second highest expenditure for most American families, college requires every student to work hard and bear in mind an intelligent mix of strategies to successfully make it through. Successful Education Solutions, a team of college planning experts, offers members the SAT Guide, a free 10-step blueprint for college success.

Accessible via, Step 2 of the SAT Prep Course includes a comprehensive discussion on College Essay Preparation in a teleseminar conducted by Jeffrey Sonnergren, founder and President of SES.

"Don't be afraid to start the process. For some of you students who have very competitive courses lined up for the senior year, this is the time that you can actually do this without much pressure," said Sonnergren in a teleconference held last July.

"Spending a little time on your admission applications now during the July and August timeframe can save you a little bit of stress as opposed to some of your friends who will start their application while they are trying to hold out five AP courses," added Sonnergren.

According to Sonnergren, GPAs, SATs, Letters of Recommendations and Essays are all factors that are considered during the college application process. Experience has shown that a majority of colleges prioritize on GPA and Standardized tests such as SAT and ACT.

"We recommend that students should apply to at least 6 colleges that they actually want to go to," added Sonnergren.

Regarding the application process, Sonnergren underscores that there is no substitute to a careful reading of the instructions before answering College Essay Tests.

In an in-depth discussion, he elaborated the 3 Cs necessary to ace the College essay exam: Command of the English language in terms of basic sentence construction, grammar and punctuation; Content, which means getting to the point of the question being answered from the instructions given; and Creativity, which entails a conscious effort to putting together ideas.

"While creativity is important to stand out, rumbling a redundant sentence can hurt your essay, just as going overboard can raise a red flag. This is important to know because from a college admission standpoint, College Essays could spell the difference between getting in and not getting in," he said.

The SES seminar also covered admission resumes which are sometimes considered "above and beyond". While a resume can fill in the blanks and most admission directors like getting them, it is not exactly required in the admission procedures. It can, however, paint a picture of a student's true experience and active involvement in activities and programs such as competitive sports, even going all the way back to middle school.

When it comes to Letters of Recommendations, Sonnergren suggests for incoming college students to reach out to a teacher or counselor around May, so that there is ample time for him or her to craft it. Interestingly, not the most popular teacher may be the best teacher to write a Letter of Recommendation.

To find out more about the college preparation and student positioning blueprint members can access for free to guide them through their college applications, please visit for information.

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