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Successful Education Solutions Offers SAT Prep Course Assistance and Financial Aid to Ensure College Readiness

Successful Education Solutions was established to assist college bound students and their families, guiding them through the entire process of college and career selection, in addition to financial aid opportunities.

Statistics relating to college education in the United States indicate that out of 10 public college students, only 3 graduate their four-year course. Equally depressing data imply show that only 1 in 2 private college students graduate within the same period 4 years - all while the student loan debt has been ballooning to more than $1 trillion dollars. Evidently, college education proposes to be a worrisome, frightening, uncomfortable, trying or troublesome time for students and their families.

Successful Education Solutions, designed to offer assistance to aspiring college students, believes otherwise. The brainchild of Jeffrey Sonnergren, Successful Education Solutions is in the business of helping students and parents navigate the complex college planning process. Ultimately, the service focuses on helping college students and their families maintain their quality of life and income during the tuition years.

"SES works closely with each of our clients to develop the best 'fit' between the student and their colleges of choice to achieve the goals of their education plan, and realize the best return on their education investment," says Mr. Sonnergren.

Detailed at, SES is all about coaching students through the entire college process, guiding them in everything from selecting the correct college, to providing college essay help, to to performing career searches. To ensure the readiness of students for college, SES also offers SAT prep course and ACT prep course assistance. is backed by college planning consultants who keep a proven track record of success helping families hurdle the often challenging college selection process. Since 2005, SES has been providing college education planning and consulting services for families in the greater Hudson Valley and across the United States. Notably, the company offers financial programs that maximize students' and their families' financial aid potential.

At, students go through a two-step process to gauge their readiness and qualification for the SES Student Position Plan. The first step, an online Aptitude Test, is designed to confirm or focus a student's career goals and select major areas of study to pursue.

The second step involves a 90-minute interview of the student candidates and their family members conducted by AN experienced, trained and highly professional career counselor from SES. The interview essentially involves a discussion of the realities of choosing a college that will lead to a quality education experience, and is designed to successfully match each student with the right colleges based on a set of factors.

To find out more about the college education assistance services offered by Successful Education Solutions, please visit for additional information.

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