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Subway Surfers is running one of the few games that manages to stand out. A friendly universe , colorful graphics and fast-paced ... All the right ingredients are combined.

Subway Surfers is running one of the few games that manages to stand out. A friendly universe , colorful graphics and fast-paced ... All the right ingredients are combined. Here is a proposed new small Kiloo Games success ( Frisbee Forever , Bullet Time HD , read our tests).

Early in the game , the player controls Jake . No real scenario, it simply knows to darken more quickly while avoiding the trains running and the different challenges along a track vertical scrolling . As always in this type of game, it's go as far as possible (the level is infinite ) and collect as many gold coins. Everything goes fast, very fast. Do not forget to breathe between two super jumps, a " quick trip " ( a bonus ) and a ride ... surf (a " aeroplanche " to be exact). For the mad rush never stops and you have to believe that the police officer that sticks permanently to the Basque no lack of air! No error is forgiven and the representative of the police never committed . It is accompanied by an equally surly dog.

The gold coins collected can improve the character, accessories and bonus on several levels. We are therefore encouraged to restart the game multiple times to increase the loot and improve its performance. The learning curve is great and throughout the first few hours of play, efforts are justly rewarded. Subway Surfers is a free game and with a little perseverance , there is no need to buy the paid DLC , unless you really want to go faster. Moreover, by raising some special items , you unlock new characters . There are 16 in all . Also, the new boards have purchased any unique special power.

You might say that smartphones are the perfect breeding ground for great running game in great games like Cannabalt , Monster Dash, and the last big box Temple Run . Others try to get a place in the sun , what could be more normal view of a simple , even simplistic, to put in place ( on paper) gameplay. The last attempted the shot is named Subway Surfers and could well be a few glances at him turn . The game Kiloo Games puts us in the shoes of a graffiti artist is making chased by a policeman. This pitch pretext to escape by taking her legs around his neck , a race on the tracks ensues . There are three distinct ways to spice up the action, in the manner of an old school game obstacle avoiding trains and other unfortunate bifurcations. Add to this vehicle to recover in full race as overboard or jetpack, small twinkling of fufu look at Jetpack Joyride . A book fans or people who have not yet had an overdose of the genre.

Ultra colorful, Subway Surfers course offers the same principle as Temple Run : the character is automatically directs short straight and must help him avoid obstacles while collecting as many coins as possible . Except that the obstacles are underground and it is even possible to walk on , as well as high-voltage lines . You can even use a hoverboard ( yes! )

The game is currently a hit on the App Store , especially since it is free to download . One can obviously buy parts purchasing integrated ..

The controls are excellent , everything is done with a single finger. Jumping, sliding , we dodge, all the joy and good humor . Kiloo Games has a gift for creating high- color games that make you want to come back regularly. Too bad there is only one level proposed ( with the varied environments graphics however ) . But we begin to get used to running with the games ... In this regard, Kiloo Games began something strange : previously, the destination was New York. That is , when we write these lines , Rio . One replaces the other , it is not possible to choose ...

In short, you'll understand , Subway Surfers are revolutionizing the genre in any way , but what it does, it does well . We highly recommend the title alongside Pitfall ! and Torchrunner . Good race ! Note that Subway Surfers are also on iPhone and iPad.

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