Students See A Significant Improvement With Eduwizards

Eduwizards, leading online tutoring company shared some customer success stories highlighting the benefits of its tutoring.

Eduwizards which has served students across the world for different subject tutoring is the preferred online tutoring provider for students and parents looking at an effective and affordable tutoring option. Highly qualified tutors, a proven teaching methodology and one-on-one tutoring model has made Eduwizards's tutoring a sure shot for improvement.

Eduwizards which has been a pioneer in online teaching methodologies uses a state of the art whiteboard technology to conduct its sessions more effectively. The whiteboard allows a student to write, draw, share files and chat with the tutors and provides an environment as good as face-to-face interaction. The student and tutor can both interact in a one-on-one environment and work on solving problems, building concepts or preparing for important tests and quizzes. Parents can also watch their kid taking the session. Moreover all tutoring sessions are recorded and are available for further review. Eduwizards tutoring expert also reviews each session to verify if the session was productive or not. Eduwizards covers all grades -- K-12 and college for all subjects. So whether students need help for Math, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Electrical Engineering, SAT, GRE, Mechanical Engineering, Programming, etc, the student will find a tutor for the same. Sessions are scheduled at a convenient time for the student. Session goes at as per the student's pace and this maximizes the productivity of the session.

Also unlike other tutoring providers, Eduwizards ensures that its sessions are customized and personalized to meet a student's learning needs. The tutors work on strengthening the specific subject basics or work on explaining concepts in areas a student is struggling with. This makes students more confident with handling the subject.

Some of the recent overwhelming reviews from students are as below:

Student Pablo reviewed a session with Eduwizards tutor "Really helped a lot in the explaining. I liked typing better than voice because I am of an introverted nature and I am better with writing than with speaking."

Student Gabesta reviewed a session with Eduwizards tutor Steven "Excellent tutor! Really helps you to understand what you are doing. Thanks Steve"

Student Junrong reviewed a session with Eduwizards tutor "Highly recommended for UML and database help. Very pleased with the work he assisted me with."

Researches have shown that students are more comfortable asking doubts and seeking clarifications in one-on-one online environment in comparison to face to face session. Especially when the student is not very comfortable with the subject, they do not hesitate interacting with the student.

Eduwizards is also the preferred choice for parents who want to be more involved with what their children are learning. Parents can review each session since they are recorded and available anytime.

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