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Student Volunteers Create Jobs For Disabled, Hard-working Cambodians Through Sales At Hong Kong Charity Bazaar

Sales of handmade Christmas ornaments and eco-friendly handbags by Hinrich Global Trade Scholars at the Hong Kong Gift & Lifestyle Fair 2012 support producers in support of the Hinrich Foundation Export Assistance Program Cambodia

Ten Hinrich Global Trade Scholars from Hong Kong Baptist University created jobs for disabled and hard-working Cambodian producers through the sale of handmade products at the Hinrich Foundation stand at the Gift & Lifestyle Fair at the Conrad Hotel Nov. 12, 2012.

Best-sellers were silk Christmas ornaments. Eco-friendly products made of natural sedge, cotton, and recycled rice sacs featured prominently at the stand. These included handbags, shoulder bags and tote bags.

"I can't take my eyes off these lovely ornaments," said Holly Bakutis, a customer from the US. "They vary in different forms and colors so that I can use to decorate my house, my Christmas tree or even as a gift to my family and friends. Such a wonderful thing to buy!"

"Customers loved our products - their quality, design and the social story behind them," said James Bow, a bachelor of business administration scholar from mainland China. "For those who missed this Fair, we will give people in Hong Kong another chance to shop and support needy Cambodians at the Christmas Showcase Fair on Nov. 27, also to be held at the Conrad Hotel."

Hinrich Global Trade Scholars at Hong Kong Baptist University are studying business administration and international journalism. The Hinrich Foundation Export Assistance Program Cambodia aims to create jobs through exports.

"The handicrafts sold are for non-profit purpose, which assists less fortunate people from small producers in Cambodia to export their products directly to the global market," said Tina Le, a journalism scholar from Vietnam.

"Organizing the booth at the Fair also gives us scholars an opportunity to develop our skills of sales and marketing," said Le. "This helps broaden our practical knowledge and use it to help the others. This is part of our mission of promoting sustainable global trade."

About the Hinrich Foundation

The Hinrich Foundation believes sustainable global trade promotes peace. It aims to encourage the private sector and governments to drive innovation and competitiveness in trade-related activities undertaken by individuals, companies, industries and countries by focusing on three programmatic areas:

International trade policy research: the Hinrich Foundation believes that the health of the global economy and peace between nations depend on countries having productive trade relationships, which require open, fact-based dialogues. We initiate research, elicit opinions and disseminate information about global trade to encourage objective debate and balanced policy making in support of open, free, transparent and fair global trade.

Trade related education & training: We sponsor educational opportunities for individuals who show a commitment to participating in or promoting innovative and competitive global trade. The Hinrich Foundation offers scholarships to students from Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China to study in Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines and the US. We give our scholars internships and on-the-job training in export related companies and organizations in ten countries.

Export led job creation: The Foundation offers practical trade services to promote and coach producers on how to participate in global trade. Through the Developing Country Export Assistance Program, the Hinrich Foundation connects exporters in developing Asia with buyers worldwide.

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