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Clifton-Pfeiffer Private Wealth Management will implement a new strategy line with the start of 2014.

Clifton-Pfeiffer Private Wealth Management had recorded in the time frame of 2010 - 2013 a sustained growth in the positive return generated for the firm's clients.

The firm recorded in 2013 a total growth of 18% in the total notional value of the firm's client portfolios.

This marks a new record for Clifton-Pfeiffer growth, that continues to grow without compromising the quality of services provided.

The managerial team of Clifton-Pfeiffer will implement new trading tools and strategies in 2014, changes that are meant to sustain the firms growth.

"Our desire is to have clients satisfied with our performance and a sustain growth without being forced to compromise" - Rudolf Carl Rowel, Chief Fiduciary Officer of Clifton-Pfeiffer Private Wealth Management said.

"We will always look for solutions and ways to expand our range of services with the desire to offer more to our clients and provide more space for portfolio customization "
- Rudolf Carl Rowel, Chief Fiduciary Officer of Clifton-Pfeiffer Private Wealth Management said.

The new strategy line will also bring a fully integrated client trading platform.

The initiative to integrate a new Client Asset & Trading Platform builds on the success of the firms' existing world-centric distribution agreement and coincides with the launch of Clifton-Pfeiffer Trading Network.

The client platform will provide the firms' clients with ultra-high-speed, low-latency access to the worldwide-supported markets.

The OpticTrade will host a number of innovations and will give access to a record number of commission-free ETF, along with a suite of market products.

These include interest rate, equity index, FX, agricultural, real estate, weather, metals and energy products.

Kristian Weis
Director of Public Relations
Clifton-Pfeiffer Private Wealth Management

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