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Straight Male Matchmaker Matt Titus Connects Affluent Gay Men in NYC With Gay Matchmaking Service

NYC Matchmaker Matt Titus finds a niche within the gay community. Matchmaking is not just for straight singles. He has many gay male clients looking to find their match for a serious relationship and marriage.

The New Normal

How can a straight guy possibly jump into the gay singles market and be successful as a matchmaker. Answer: Matt Titus ( is the gayest straight man around. He has had his pulse on the gay community for the last 10 years. In fact, Titus understands and respects the cornerstones of the gay community: appearance, self-confidence, career success and a strong desire to be just plain fabulous.

All tongue and cheekiness aside, Matt Titus has found a niche market in the 35-55 year old gay affluent male market, those who are looking for serious committed relationships and marriage. After interviewing and researching gay males in this demographic, the majority of them expressed being done with the boy-toy 20 year old twinkies, grindr, and the overall club scene. He has been approached by many well established 30s and up gay men challenged with finding a serious partner who is also disenchanted with casual hook-ups and one night stands and looking for something meaningful. These upscale gay men are more than happy to have Titus do the legwork and put the right kind of potential life-partner in front of them. What they pay him for is Titus's in depth screening process, which includes financial verification (through a CPA) that their annual income exceeds $500,000 and their net worth is over $2,000,000. He visits their homes, speaks with several close friends and ex boyfriends to get a feeling of who his clients are and who would be their best partner in a relationship.

As an NYC based matchmaker since 2007, Titus has observed the transformation of the traditional dating landscape as gay couples are able to marry, adopt children of their own and plan their futures and retirements together. He has seen an increase in gay clients tired of the club scene and ready to settle down with someone like-minded and "create" a traditional nuclear family...2 dads, kids, and a white-gloved building. As more and more clients expressed interest in finding their life partner, Titus saw a niche in an untapped market. Titus remarks, "These guys have 7 figure incomes, advanced degrees, own condos and country homes, and they're really good-looking. Hell, if I played for the same team, I'd be all over it. But seriously, these are quality men looking for someone with similar values, who want to build a future."

There is very little difference between Titus's straight women clients and his gay clients, both are serious about finding the "right man."

For all inquiries, please contact or 646-259-2489

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