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Story Time For Kids - Version 2.0.5 Out Now!

The wait's over for the little ones! An all-new version of Story Time For Kids has been launched, and it offers even more enjoyment and richer reading experience than its predecessor.

The newest version of Story Time For Kids - an immensely popular interactive storytelling application for children - has finally hit the markets. Teknowledge Software, the developer company, has ensured that this upgrade would indeed delight the little ones!

The volume of stories present in Version 2.0.5 of Story Time For Kids is much larger than that in the earlier versions. The app development graphics used have been improved further, and the application controls have become more kid-friendly as well. There are lots of cool games added to the application in its latest version too.

Living up to its billing as the most customer-oriented iPhone application development company in India, Teknowledge Software has released this upgrade after in-depth testing - both at beta level and in the cloud environment. According to a representative of a company, there had been complaints of stories getting randomly lost - from the earlier version of the app. This issue will automatically be addressed when users upgrade to Version 2.0.5 of Story Time For Kids. The new mobile app designing theme includes a designated 'Restore' button, which has to be clicked by kids - to get back all their favorite tales. Never ever will a story be lost again!

The sophistication and functionality of the touch features of Story Time For Kids have also been taken up by a couple of notches, in the recently released version. Children can now easily tap on their favorite animated characters or words, and pick up the pronunciation of the words played through the audio files. The sound quality remains as excellent as it was before. With iPhone app development in India becoming increasingly technologically advanced, it is not surprising that the illustrations on the all-new app version are delightfully life-like.

Security and handling factors have also undergone an overhaul, in Version 2.0.5 of Story Time. A password-protection feature has now been put in by Teknowledge mobile application development company, to rule out possibilities of accidental, untimely purchases. Parents have also been provided the option of locking the app, at select hours. Story Time For Kids is engaging, educational and packs in generous dollops of fun - but you don't want your little one straining his/her eyes on it late at night!

The app upgrade has been planned in a manner to increase the degree of kid-participation. Like in the earlier version, children can submit their very own story ideas and concepts through the application. In addition, Version 2.0.5 of Story Time For Kids enables them to create and design interactive greeting cards, with their loved animation characters/series as the theme. The auto-upgrade feature of the new version is yet another of its high points.

For all its changes, improvements and bug fixes - the essence of Story Time For Kids has been, thankfully, kept intact by the app developers in Kolkata at Teknowledge. It still remains a mighty enjoyable story-reading app, which kids can operate on their own with absolute ease. The built-in games, particularly the Spot The Difference activity, are likely to keep kids nicely occupied - and they will improve their imaginations and analytic skills a bit too.

Get all the information about the Story Time For Kids mobile application, at http://www.storytimeforkids.info. If you have any queries about the new upgrade in the app, call (033)40649087, or send along an email to support@storytimeforkids.info. At a time when many mobile application development companies are releasing app upgrades just for the heck of it, it is refreshing to see Version 2.0.5 of Story Time For Kids arrive with additional features and actual improvements.

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