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Storm Brain Designs Helps Copper Kitchen Company by Redesigning Their Website

Storm Brain Designs, a leading design company, has helped Copper Kitchen Specialists to completely redesign their website. This has vastly improved the usability of their site

Storm Brain Designs, a well known design company has helped Copper Kitchen Specialists to completely redesign their website. This has improved the user experience of buying from the site.

When Copper Kitchen Specialists hired Storm Brain Designs, they were at a loss about what to do to improve their site. They didn't have their own website design department, so their website was very amateurish.

Storm Brain Designs stepped in and they immediately noticed that some improvements needed to be made. The new website is completely streamlined. They have sections that have their kitchens showcased and the customers know where they need to go to buy their items.

With the previous design of their site, images were close together and bunched onto one page. This meant that people felt the website was rushed and unprofessional and it resulted in them going elsewhere to buy their kitchens.

The new site has been live for over 2 weeks and their customers love the site. Copper Kitchen Specialists have told Storm Brain Designs that their Internet sales have more than trebled in those two weeks alone.

Now, the company realizes that they were losing money by not having their website professionally designed by a company who knew what they were doing. They encourage other companies who want to have a website, to have it professionally designed. The design company has paid for itself with all the extra sales that they have made.

They are going to use the design company again in the future for branding issues and anything else that they may need. They have already used them to help with their Internet marketing department.

A spokesperson from Storm Brain Designs added, "We are delighted that Copper Kitchen Specialists chose us to completely redesign their website. We worked hard on their site and we have since heard back from them and they have hired us for other elements of their business."

Storm Brain Designs are always very busy because they have a reputation for being the best in the industry. They never turn a customer away though. They are happy to work hard and hire new people, so that they can take on more work.

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Storm Brain Designs is an online design company that offers marketing, branding and creative services to other companies. No company is too small for them as they have experience dealing with companies of all shapes and sizes. They pride themselves at offering services that are worthy of a high-end design company, but they offer them at affordable prices. Graphic design expert, Blake J.Nolan, founded the company in 2005 and they have an in-house team of people who are knowledgeable in creative, technical and design processes. They also work with vendors who they trust to work at the same high level as themselves. You can visit their website at

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