Stop Limitting The Freedom Of Speech On The Internet

Several authorities think it is wise to limit the freedom of speech on the internet of both individuals and companies. The time has come to stand up against this policy. offers websites owners means to make themselves heard.

Internet makes the World accessible to everyone. Almost 2 billion people are using the internet to amuse themselves, to gain knowledge, to communicate, to learn and to work with.

Its popularity and growth are rooted in its open structure and -standards, used to create and link websites. Within this open infrastructure all information is accessible to everyone, provided that the publisher allows them to.

Now that sites like Wikileaks publish information that exposes proofs of misconduct by, among others, governmental institutions, our freedom of speech impends to be constrained. The website offers owners of websites to take action against this.

In the pas few weeks we have seen that many people were stunned by the monstrous attack governments have opened on websites like Wikileaks. It is possible to combat these events illegally. A lot of people do not want to go this far, but do want to make their voice heard. Tribal has developed a website where website owners can collect a "digital sticker" they can "stick" on their website. This way, they show their sympathy with freedom of speech, also on the internet.

Tribal started this because since her foundation in 1999 she can only exist because of the internet. Limiting the freedom of speech will heavily slow down the development of the internet and the ease of online acting of our society. We call everyone to action.


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Jan Beekwilder
Press Contact, Tribal Internet Solutions