Stone Skimmer - A Virtual Reality Coming Soon to the App Store

Mobile game maker App111 Interactive will release its debut iPhone and iPad game, "Stone Skimmer." It is a game that can be enjoyed by one and all, as the age-old hobby can now be turned into a reality.

Gaming on the iPhone is about to get a whole lot more exciting, as mobile gaming will witness the rendition of the age-old pass time of stone skimming. The mobile game maker App111Interactive will release its debut game "Stone Skimmer" on the Apple Store very soon. All gaming fanatics must have a look at this one as this hobby can now be an engaging iPhone and iPad game.

However, this game will not just involve the skimming of stones, but makes full use of the latest technology available on the iPhone and the iPad. The realistic beach sounds that the game offers makes the gaming experience all the more entertaining. It also has a series of exotic sceneries, composing of beaches in ideal locations around the globe and rich colorful targets.

The targets in this game will involve dolphins, swimmers, boats, wooden planks, birds and little children. Once the user hits a certain target, rewards in the form of gold coins will be obtained. Shane Monaghan, creator of the game says, "I hope to create a vibrant, colorful and exciting experience for the user."

The users can angle the device in order to determine the trajectory of the stone. The players will throw the stone with a single swipe, allowing it to skim across the water surface. After which, the all exciting journey of the stone character begins, wherein the player will face perilous waves and the other distractions.

With high-quality 3D graphics and a stunning user interface, this is a game that will not disappoint. Get hold of Stone Skimmer on the App Store and turn your childhood fantasy into a reality. It's a game that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. So, sit back and enjoy the fun of stone skimming.

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