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The PR department of Stoke Estates Limited has announced its latest news and changes within the frames of two current real estate investment projects in Ecuador.

Stoke Estates Limited has chosen Ecuador market not accidently: good business conditions along with low taxes for real estate and low unemployment rate make this country a perfect platform for further influence expansion in Latin America region. Currently Stoke Estates Limited is about to finish its database of local tenants and perspective real estate units that are ready for immediate investments. The database will be available in the offices of Stoke Estates Limited and in time will be added to the main website.

Recreation complex construction goes according to the plan without delays and obstacles. Ecuador construction agency, the partner of Stoke Estates Limited has reviewed the drafts given and has moved to pre-construction measures. Currently the company conducts ground works and creates the basement. Stoke Estates Limited though has not found yet a landscape design firm that meet company requirements so the search process still goes on.

The head of Project planning department has rendered the report on possible locations of the second big project of the company. The creation of cottage opportunity will start as soon as CEO of Stoke Estates Limited chooses proper location for future project. According to newly-delivered plans the Cottages will be located near the city of Guayaquil. As soon as the issue of location is finally settled and all legal aspects correspond to the local law in force Stoke Estates Limited will announce the initial and outer structure of cottages. Guayaquilis situated near the sea so its highly possible that the planned cottage complex will be located on the seashore.

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