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StimTracker for SMI: Perfectly Timed Eye Tracking Research

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) partners with Cedrus to create StimTracker for SMI - a truly scientific timing and synchronization solution in the millisecond precision range for experimental psychologists and neuroscientists

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a leader in eye tracking technology, and Cedrus Corporation, a provider of software and hardware for experimental psychology and neuroscience, introduce a customized timing and synchronization solution for scientific research with SMI Eye Trackers. StimTracker for SMI allows experimental psychologists to determine accurate participant response times by precisely marking the onset of visual or sound stimuli. The device also sets common time stamps with complementary physiological devices which makes it a perfect multichannel synchronization tool for neuroscientists. StimTracker for SMI is a scientific solution for SMI eye trackers allowing accurate timing analysis in the millisecond precision range for up to eight data channels simultaneously.

StimTracker for SMI is compatible with SMI's mobile (SMI Eye Tracking Glasses), Remote (RED, RED250, RED500) and Hi-Speed eye tracking systems. It is a plug & play device which can be ordered directly through Cedrus Corporation.

Some scientific research paradigms require to determine millisecond response times to stimuli presented within an experiment. The StimTracker for SMI allows researchers to eliminate timing delays caused by computer operating systems or monitor graphic cards in data analysis. The StimTracker for SMI uses light sensors to precisely detect stimuli changes and writes this information as event markers in the eye tracking data file. For studies which require multisignal data integration and synchronization, StimTracker for SMI can receive signals in parallel from a stimulus presentation software (E-Prime, Superlab etc.), a microphone, two audio channels, and a participant response key. StimTracker for SMI sets markers for these incoming signals and can send those markers simultaneously to the data files of the SMI eye tracking system and to an external physiological device such as EEG systems. The common time stamps in both data files can then be used for easy multichannel synchronization and analysis.

Hisham Abboud, Cedrus Corporation: "Our StimTracker for SMI provides a customized second output which allows to send up to eight signals simultaneously to the SMI eye tracking data file and to any one of these EEG recorders: AD Instruments, ANT Neuro, Biopac, Biosemi, Brain Products, EGI, MindWare, and Neuroscan."

Eberhard Schmidt, Managing Director, SensoMotoric Instruments: "It is a common challenge for researchers to accurately measure stimulus presentation times and to translate event codes from multiple stimuli into a common trigger format. Our collaboration with Cedrus resulted in a perfect match of reliable timing precision and the comfort of using standard personal computers and diverse measurement instruments in one experimental setup."

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