Sterling Announces Two-Day Workshop to Maximize Healthcare Practice Success

Experts in healthcare practice management to deliver two days of customer care and practice growth solutions

Sterling announced today that it will be delivering a blockbuster two-day practice management workshop in July. As national leaders in helping all forms of healthcare practices to expand and flourish, Sterling recognizes the problems that today's healthcare providers face. Two out of every five practice owners wish that they knew more about managing the business side of their practices, and four out of five report holes in their booking schedules. No practice owner can afford to let these problems go unhandled.

Sterling will be addressing the solutions to these pressing situations in addition to answering questions about the nation's changing healthcare laws. Practice owners need to understand Obamacare and how it is changing the healthcare landscape before it's too late. In addition to helping practice owners learn the tools they need to expand and prosper in this new environment, the weekend will also include training for the staffs of healthcare practices. By helping employees become more efficient, practice owners are freed up to do what they do best: deliver effective healthcare.

Come to the Universal Hilton if you want to learn:

• How to Motivate Staff to Work Harder, Smarter and Faster
• How to Grow Your Practice Without Being Chained to It
• How to Turn Your Customer Base Into a Gold Mine
• How to Get Customers to Want the Services They Need

Specialty seminars for staff will include:

• How You Can Help Move the Practice to the Next Level
• How to Earn More Money Through Increased Production
• How to Treat Your Customers Well
• How to Work Faster, Smarter and More Efficiently

The workshop will take place the weekend of July 19 - 20 at the Universal Hilton in Universal City, CA. To reserve your spot, call 1-800-325-6364 or email

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