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Stemless Wine Glass Charms Now Available For Your Modern Glassware

As untraditional designs become more popular, the emerging market of home wine accessories has followed suit by creating new styles of stemless wine glass charms for hosts to use and their guests to enjoy at their next party.

Home entertaining has once again become the popular choice when it comes to spending time with friends and celebrating special occasions. More specifically, people are stepping away from the more formal dinner parties and instead are playing with the concept of the themed cocktail party - instead of just having a generic open bar, they are focusing on one style of drink or one particular type of alcohol. As more people are being introduced to wine, discovering just how many good styles there are, and finding out how affordable many of these wines are, wine parties are quickly becoming the smart idea. As these become more and more popular, people are looking to find the right wine accessories to make their parties a smash.

One of the accessories that people like the most are wine glass charms. These custom designed pieces fit around the stem of the wine glass and serve both as an indication of the theme of the party and the perfect way for guests to identify their drink. Woodsy Wino, one of the newest websites dedicated to all things that are part of the "wine lifestyle", is already the industry leader when it comes to offering a wide design of these handmade charms. They were also one of the first to notice that many people were switching to stemless wine glasses, so they immediately knew that they needed to expand their selections as well.

So, they put forth a challenge to their designers: create for us stemless wine glass charms that have all of the beauty and, yes, charm of the original charms that we offer, charms that are able to stay securely on the glass and not interfere with the enjoyment of the wine. Their designers came back with some of their best work ever, which is why Princess Merlot from Woodsy Wino is proud to introduce this latest addition to their selection of wine accessories.

Jack Terry knows firsthand how handy stemless wine glass charms can be at a crowded party.

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