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Stemless Wine Glass Charms Are Latest Wine Accessory Craze

Glassware designs are becoming less traditional as people search for modern styles. While stunning to look at, at a large party, it can be easy to misplace one stemless glass among many. Stemless wine glass charms take away socially awkward moments.

Once upon a time, attending a party probably meant a keg of not quite cold enough beer and a plastic cup to drink it out of. If you were lucky enough, somebody would have thought ahead and brought with them a permanent magic marker. This way, people could sign their cups and know which beer belonged to what person. Odds are, these aren't the kinds of parties you attend anymore, and it would be frowned upon to sign your host's stemless wine glass just so you know it's yours. Well, if your host is as forward thinking as the guy with the marker was back in the day, they'll have stemless wine glass charms for each of their guests.

As wine accessories become more popular, one item that many people have been buzzing about is wine glass charms. These trinkets are designed to fit around the stem of a wine glass and, as well as being a great conversation starter-"What kind of design do you have?"-they also serve the practical purpose of identifying the glass. Leading the way in providing these charms for the public is Woodsy Wino, an innovative and exciting new website that has taken the dry, stately manner so common to wine and wine accessory shopping online and turned it on its ear.

Working with the finest artisans from all around the world, they offer some of the finest handcrafted and unique collectibles available. What's more is that they recognized the growing trend in new styles of wine glasses, and so were the first to design and offer stemless wine glass charms that hold their place on the glass while not interfering with the enjoyment of the wine. Now you can drink with impunity, knowing you'll always be able to find your wine, and you can live happily ever after.

Jack Terry's old stemless wine glass charm was usually the stain of wine he left when he dribbled as he poured.

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