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STD Testing Houston Offers Free Online and Phone Counseling Services

STD Testing Houston, the leading testing facility for all sexually transmitted diseases, is now offering free online and phone counseling services.

STD Testing Houston, the highly renowned testing facility for a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases, is now offering free counseling services to all those who have some concerns regarding their sexual health and worry about visiting a doctor to get the tests done. The counselors at STD Testing Houston are highly knowledgeable and experienced in STD Testing services and hence help patients in the best way that they can. The agency has more than 20 STD testing clinics in different parts of the Houston area and hence caters to thousands of worried patients each year.

A senior executive of the agency stated that, "One of the biggest reasons why we are witnessing a surge in the number of patients with sexually transmitted diseases is the fact that many people find it embarrassing to visit a doctor for testing and treatment when they see the initial symptoms of the disease. Testing for STDs is extremely important, as most of these diseases are curable with the right medication and treatment. Understanding the concerns that surround STD testing, we ensure to maintain complete confidentiality of the personal information of all our clients".

Most sexually transmitted diseases are easily curable, provided the patient gets himself/herself tested in time and seeks the needed treatment. With the growth in the number of patients suffering from HIV and other diseases, it has become important for people to approach an STD testing facility as soon as the initial symptoms of the disease starts to show. Agencies such as STD Testing Houston are helping patients get tested for the disease and hence ensure that they have a better sexual health.

"We understand the privacy requirements of all the patients who approach us with their concerns and this is the reason why we closely follow the regulations set forward by HIPAA regarding confidentiality. I assure all those who are worried about getting themselves tested for sexually transmitted diseases, to visit our clinics with complete peace of mind as no one will ever know what types of STD tests were performed on you and their eventual results. Additionally, we never submit this information to insurance companies or to the Medical Information Bureau. To make the testing experience of all our clients easy and simple, we ensure that the billing process too is discreet so that no one can have a look at your credit card statements to know what kind of tests you are undergoing", further added the executive.

STD Testing Houston is a premier STD testing agency that operates more than 20 testing facilities in the Houston area. The agency is known for its confidential testing procedures, which ensures that the name and other personal details of the patient are not shared with anyone, not even with the insurance companies of the MIB. For most confidential and accurate STD testing in Houston, visit.

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STD Testing Houston is a highly renowned and reputed STD testing agency in the Houston area. The agency offers confidential and accurate tests for all common sexually transmitted diseases at the most affordable cost. To know more about the company, as one of the best STD testing clinics in the Houston area, head over to.

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